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HVAC Products That Make Life More Comfortable

At 2nd Wind Heating And Air Conditioning we strive to offer the best quality paired with the latest technology to make your home or business more comfortable. We are proud to offer a wide variety of energy saving and air quality improving solutions at competitive prices. We can create the perfect HVAC system for you from ducts to indoor air quality we have you covered.


Tempstar HVAC units are among the top HVAC units in North America. Tempstar units are energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and highly durable. Tempstar units stand out because of there high SEER rating, which is 19, this means the units are highly energy efficient and will save you from high electricity bills. Tempstar units have also become environmentally friendly. Tempstar uses non-ozone depleting coolants that cause no harm to the environment while keeping your home cool.

Tempstar units are very durable and reliable but built quite simply. Tempstar provides units that are single stage and double stage, only one Tempstar unit is multi-stage. Meaning the units will not constantly turn on and off to cool your home. This will save you money on your energy bills and give you peace of mind that your HVAC unit is built for longevity.


Armstrong Air Systems are very unique HVAC systems because they have integrated compressor protection. These systems are built with high and low pressure switches. The high-pressure switch is in place to stop the operation of the AC unit if the pressure of the refrigerant is to high for the compressor. The low-pressure switch is in place if there is no refrigerant in unit, this will stop the AC unit from drawing moisture from outside of the unit. Not many other AC systems have protection systems like this.

Armstrong Air Handlers

Armstrong has a few basic air handlers in their inventory for air handlers and these air handlers compliment their gas furnaces, oil furnaces, and other air handling devices including electric furnaces. Armstrong air handlers are available to fit in small spaces and in a variety of configurations. The premium models enhance efficiency and comfort but do cost more than the other economical models.


Ultravation Indoor Air Purifiers are top of the line air quality products that will improve the air quality of your home. Many homeowners do not realize indoor air can be 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air. This means dust and other allergens could be moving throughout your home and could potentially get you sick. Ultravation products help take care of that problem. Ultravation provides high quality air filtration products, air purifiers, and photo-catalytic air purifiers. Photo-catalytic air purifiers will kill germs and bacteria on a molecular level to provide you with more safety and comfort in your home.


Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters are top of the line water heaters that will only heat water when needed and last twice as long. Rinnai water heaters also come in small wall mounted units so there is no more storing large amounts of water that could potentially leak on to your floor. Some of Rinnai water heaters are Wi-Fi compatible so you can have better control of your water heating system.


AO Smith Tanked Water Heaters provides the premier gas powered and electric water heaters. AO Smith also provides tanked and tank-less water heaters that are more energy efficient for your home. AO Smith water heaters provide constant hot water, require limited space, and are very energy efficient.


Mitsubishi specializes in electric A/C units designed for individual living spaces rather than a new system for your home. These A/C units will be more energy efficient and cost effective because they can save you from replacing your home’s entire A/C system.


Honeywell Generators are energy efficient, cost effective. and have the greatest updates for modern technology. Honeywell generators are compatible with a remote monitoring system meaning you can check the status of your generator from a smart phone or tablet from anywhere in the world. Along with the remote monitoring system, the Honeywell generator can be set up for maintenance updates automatically. So instead of going through the trouble of inspecting your generator, we can link your generator to our system and it will tell us exactly what kind of maintenance your generator requires.

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