Cloud 10 – Maintenance Agreements

Residential Maintenance Agreements are a great value for our customers. Our agreement consists of a maintenance program that services both the heating and cooling 3 times the first year to bring your systems up to the 2nd Wind operating standard. Upon renewal of our agreement, 2nd Wind will service your systems twice each year for a discounted rate.

Maintenance Agreement Benefits

Minimum: 2 Maintenance Visits Per Year
10% Discount On Repairs & 7-Day Service
Indoor & Outdoor Coils Cleaned Each Service
All 1″ Filter Exchanged With 1″ Pleated Filters
5% Discount On All Equipment, Ductwork, IAQ, Water Heaters & Backup Generators

Our energy-saving Cloud 10 Maintenance Agreement entitles you to the following benefits:

  • 7 day service with no overtime rates
  • Indoor and Outdoor Coils are cleaned on every service
  • All 1″ filters will be changed with 1″ pleated filters on every visit
  • Priority scheduling on all service calls
  • 10% discount on all repairs
  • 5% discount on all equipment, duct work, indoor air quality products, water heaters, and backup generators
  • Save even more on your Cloud 10 by using our Referral Program
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