Does my HVAC system need regular maintenance?

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If you think about your car, you have your car serviced every 3 to 5 thousand miles – right? Your car runs better and lasts longer if you do a regular oil and air filter change. The same can be said of your HVAC system. Cleaning the coils, changing the filters and checking the refrigerant pressures will keep your HVAC system running at maximum efficiency to get the maximum life out of your system.

Having routine maintenance performed on your HVAC system can also help lower the likelihood of breakdowns. About 70% of HVAC systems run on low refrigerant charges, which affects your comfort and monthly utility bill. 60% of HVAC systems experience improper airflow due to improperly sized return and supply air ducts. All these items can be found and addressed by 2nd Wind during your routine maintenance service.

A study done at Louisiana State University showed that consumers could save an average of $30 per month ($360/year) over the life of their HVAC system by having routine maintenance. A lack of maintenance results in higher utility bills, more breakdowns and shortens the life expectancy of your system.

Why risk it?

Protect your investment by having a maintenance agreement with 2nd Wind and start saving money today! Call us at (803) 868-6938 .

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