Customer Testimonials 
  Bob Walling - 01.31.17
I have always received excellent service from 2nd Wind over many years. Each employee who has serviced my units has been knowledgeable, helpful, and courteous that it is an enjoyable experience to deal with this company. This time was no different. Joe came out to perform preventive maintenance and found the main unit had many problems. He took the time to explain them to me that I could go ahead and repair the unit which was very old and probably would not be cost effective. We went over the options to install a new unit and he covered the pros and cons of the different models. We picked the model that we wanted installed and Joe set up an installation date. On the day the installation was to take place, Joe showed up early and did the necessary things to make it easier for the installation team to begin work immediately upon arrival. The team worked the entire day insuring everything was exactly right and was neat in appearance. Joe programmed the thermostat for me and went over the operation of the unit. The entire team did an outstanding job and the unit is so quiet I have to look out the window to see if it is running. You can not find a better company for quick, reliable service. It is a pleasure to do business with them..
  Robert Chestnut - 07.08.16
For a recent service Nate visited our home. We have full confidence in his judgment. A straight opinion based upon an outstanding job knowledge. In a recent job, I had direct supervision of ten plus HVAC craftsmen. He compares most favorably with the best of the best from our staff. He is a hard worker who is customer focused.

I highly recommend this talented man to all my neighbors. You must be very proud to have him represent 2nd Wind.

Thank you for assigning Nate to our account.
  Jimmy Counts - 05.02.16
I'm a first time customer although I've lived in NE Columbia for the past 12 years. My ground floor AC went out during the night and it was immediately evident. I called and made a same day appointment which initially impressed me. However, my technician (Thomas) was the highlight of my encounter. As a technician, he was a master of his craft and quickly diagnosed the root cause of my units problem. As a repairman, he showed integrity and honesty enough to fix my problem rather than overlook it and opt for a more costly replacement. Saving me a few dollars today will guarantee my business when needed in the future. Thank you Thomas for a job very well done!
  Bernie & Rosalind Grossman - 02.20.16
We are long time clients of 2nd Wind since we retired to this area. Considering the problems we have had with the builder and sub contractors, 2nd Wind was a "breath of fresh air." We weren't pleased that we had to basically repleace the HVAC on a new home but have great confidence in the service and honesty of Nate our service tech. He only recommended those items that are absolutely necessary to keep the system running. They are clean (wear booties without being asked) and efficient. I wholeheartedly can recommend this company and especially Nate to our neighbors, and have.

  Tony & Karen Burks - 12.09.15
My husband and I are long time 2nd Wind customers (20 plus years) and have always been pleased with our service technicians, first Rich, and now Justin. After the recent flood, we found out our crawlspace was flooded and our furnace, ductwork, and AC all needed to be replaced.
From the beginning to the end of the process, we were pleased with their courteous and well trained staff. Our team leader, Sonya, assisted us with scheduling the work, made sure we had access to portable heaters, and she along with Mark, provided us with all the necessary paperwork to file a claim with FEMA.
The team that actually installed our new system, Brian and Dave, worked tirelessly throughout the week to get the job done. They were always professional, polite and respectful of our home.
Justin, our technician, came out the last day and double-checked the installation and made sure everything was cleaned up and all debris (including a concrete slab) was removed from our home.
We even had some other companies that did additional work under the house remark on the quality of work 2nd Wind did.
In summary we would highly recommend 2nd Wind for any of your HVAC needs.

  Jimmy Hager - 12.04.15
After the flood in Columbia the ground loosened under a brick support pillar under our house. It fell over crushing our heating unit. The day I reported it, Brad from 2nd Wind was at the house and assessed the damage. Yesterday, Brad and Joe arrived ready to work. Brad was the lead guy on this project. He and Joe had to replace the entire furnace and they stayed with the project until it was completely finished, even though it was after dark. They never stopped working. The new unit works perfectly. I've been so impressed with everyone I've met from 2nd Wind, that while I was waiting for Brad to finish up the paperwork I had to ask Joe how this company vets its employees in order to get such top notch people. (Joe was on a nuclear submarine before joining the 2nd Wind team. He only told me because I asked.) Here's what I found out. The company does a complete background check on every employee. And I do mean complete, including drug tests both initially and randomly. Each employee maintains the highest standards in the industry or they don't get a job with 2nd Wind. If every company, and every employee of every company was as professional, honest, and diligent as the 2nd Wind team, we wouldn't have half the problems we have in this country. They are all Top Notch people and I'd recommend 2nd Wind to anyone.
  Steve Murphy - 08.25.15
My wife & I live in Northeast Columbia and have been 2nd Wind customers for over 10 years now. We've always found the office staff and service techs to be friendly, professional and to offer excellent service. Their service techs always arrive within the promised time frame (eg. 3:00pm - 5:00pm) and will call ahead to let you know when they're on their way. We typically purchase the 2nd Wind annual maintenance agreement because of the "peace of mind" it gives us. It includes semi-annual maintenance check-ups of both the furnace and A/C. Also, during the Memorial Day weekend in May last year, they went the "extra mile" for us by coming out to our home to relight the pilot light on our water heater for just a nominal fee, even though they usually don't service water heaters. The two plumbing companies that we called (one of them has the word "roto" in it) refused to come to our house unless we paid them $150 to $200. Talk about "highway robbery'! Today (08/25) our A/C stopped working and 2nd Wind quickly sent a service technician (Russell A.) to our home. He arrived on time, was very helpful and courteous, and almost immediately found that the problem with our A/C was due to a blocked drainage valve. He also noted, that the A/C surge protector installed by 2nd Wind on the outside of our house a few years earlier, was faulty. He replaced it with a waterproof electrical receptical at no cost. We hope to keep Russell as our regular 2nd Wind service technician from here on! Cost of the service call was only $14 and that was just to pay the first monthly installment payment for this coming year's annual maintenance agreement with 2nd Wind!

  Larry Midkiff - 03.27.15
I had a new heating system installed today. Nate was in charge of the installation. He was very honest, helpful with all aspects of the process, courteous, and very knowledgeable about heating/air systems. He answered any and all questions, and we really appreciated his attention to detail and our concerns. I hope he can be our "go to" 2nd Wind person going forward.
  Albert Little - 03.18.15
I just had my system checked today. Carl was well mannered and cordial. He took the time to help me understand the age and condition of the heating and air conditioning system. He was very honest and candid. I truly appreciate his demeanor. So much so, I signed a service contract with 2nd Wind. Thank you, 2nd Wind!
  Paul Larkin - 02.19.15
We are a new, loyal customer as of today.

On February 19th, our 9-year old furnace's blower motor failed as my wife and son were leaving the house. This was our first call to 2nd Wind. They treated us as though we had been with them for years.

Rich stayed the afternoon, replacing the motor and restoring heat to our home. What we appreciated most was Rich's knowledge and approach to his customer. He took the time to discuss what he observed with the two systems we have in our home. He was careful to respect our home as he did his evaluation.

Without us describing our experiences the past 9 years, he discussed errors with the builder's installation that explained imbalanced heating and cooling and rather expensive monthly utility bills. This instantly established credibility with us.

He also raved over the Armstrong product we had installed 2 years prior. He was pleased to see this at our home, even though a different contractor did that installation.

We are now a Cloud10 customer with service contracts on both our systems. We look forward to Rich evaluating our current installation for improvements. We will have a new Armstrong system installed for the first floor within the next 2 years as well.

2nd Wind, you have a great representative of your company and the Armstrong products in Rich. He's the reason we are now 2nd Wind Customers.

Thanks for being a customer focused company.
  Heidi Hoerman - 02.12.15
We've had excellent and reliable service from 2nd Wind for several years. They did a good job of dealing with or correcting the mistakes of previous service companies. For example, the old heat exchanger had been installed upside down and they were able to nurse it along until we replaced our entire system.

The programmable thermostat they installed last year allowed us to prevent our back-up (resistance) heat from kicking in except in the most extreme circumstances and we have consistently saved between 10% and 15% per month so far this winter over last.

I would recommend this company very highly to anyone in the Midlands.
  Robert Walling - 01.24.15
We have been loyal customers of 2nd Wind for several years and found their service and professional technicians to be good. Friday, January 23, 2015, we were scheduled for routine service and we were very fortunate to have Nate as our technician. He soon found a wiring problem that was causing our unit to run improperly and created a very noisy atmosphere. We have had this problem since installation and was under the impression that was the norm. Nate took the time to explain the problem and how he was going to rectify it. He did just that. Now we have to go to the window and look outside to see if the unit is running as it is so quiet now.

Nate later found a major capacitor that was below standards and would evenutally blow casuing our unit to malunction. He replaced this for us and did a complete inspeciton of both units. Both units seem to be running at peak performance now.

My wife has contacted the office manager and requested our records reflect that for all future service Nate be assigned. Nate is very professional, polite, and very well qualified to handle all problems and we appreciated his going the extra mile. Thanks again Nate!
  Kevin C - 12.18.14
Unfortunately, we have had several issues with our unit. Fortunately, we have trusted 2nd Wind to handle all our service and repair needs. Anytime I call they are always there the same day. We have had several of the techs come out but Carroll B. is the one I prefer he is very knowledgeable and thoroughly diagnosis and goes through in detail the issue he finds. I would like to thank the entire team at 2nd Wind for the courteous service they have provided over the past several years.
  Ronnie & Johnette Jeffcoat - 10.07.14
I want to truly thank Neal Causey and his crew that installed our new A/C & heating unit last week. Neal told me when he gave me the estimate that he would make things right and would stay until it was right. I can truthfully say that Neal is definitely a man of his his word. We live in an older home in Forest Hills and had problems with the heat and air upstairs and downstairs. Neal and his crew installed four zones with the installation of the new units. It has taken care of our problem and now our home is very comfy upstairs and down. Neal told us he would finish the installation by Friday October 3rd, 2014. Neal and the crew were at our home til 10:30pm that night to finish. A very long day for these guys. Neal returned to our home on October 6th and re-checked everything to ensure all was working well.
We commend Neal and his crew and would recommend them to anyone. These guys work for 2nd Wind which we have been long time customers and will definitely remain with 2nd wind due to the total satisfaction with this company and employees Neal Causey and his crew.
Thank you for outstanding service for many years and hiring employee's like Neal and this crew.

  Sam Oxley - 08.26.14
We have a family of four in Lexington and have to experience the late summer heat as does everyone around here. When our HVAC system appeared to be malfunctioning, we called 2nd wind. They arrived next day to address the problem. The technician, Kenny, was very thorough and explained in detail every step of the process and answered every question with clarity. He showed me the sources of the problems, and then fixed them efficiently. All the while he was very courteous of my time and home. He explained the maintenance plans, and I am happy to say I am now on one of the affordable plans. I would highly recommend the company to anyone in the area because the prices appear fair, and the customer service is outstanding. Thank you all so much!
  Doug Tinman - 08.26.14
My air conditioner went out this past Saturday during my night shift weekend of work. I called 2nd Wind Monday morning and they had someone out there before 2pm. The technician Rich was amazing. He answered many questions. He told me what I needed to hear not what I wanted to hear. Especially the part of keeping up your service agreement. He fixed my problem then fixed another. He has tremendous people skills. I will stay with 2nd Wind. That call Monday morning was the best call I've made!
  Donna Harper - 06.10.14
Our A/C unit started failing to adequately cool the house. We called one company who couldn't see us until months later and they recommended 2nd Wind. Neal C. from 2nd Wind came over the next day and thoroughly cleaned and inspected the unit. Immediately, there was a significant improvement in the cooling. He returned a few days later to service all the units and each looked like a brand new unit because he was so thorough and meticulous. He is a very professional, friendly, honest man who has a complete knowledge of these systems. We can highly recommend Neal and 2nd Wind.
  Rick Daughtry - 05.25.14
I have been a 2nd Wind customer for a number of years and have always been satisfied with their service. Recently, I had to replace my upstairs heat pump and ductwork. Nate B was in charge of the installation, and was assisted by Justin, Steven and David. They did an outstanding job and my wife and I are very pleased with the results. They were professional, took excellent care of our home, and patiently answered all of our questions. I highly recommend 2nd Wind!
  Bob Lancaster - 05.22.14
I have been a customer of 2nd Wind Heating & Air for over five years now and could not be happier with the service I receive. My last experience with them happened a few weeks ago when my AC went out late Saturday afternoon. I called them and they were able to send someone out the next day to replace the broken part, they had a new one with them on the truck! In all, it took about an hour for him to diagnose the problem, repair the unit, and put everything back together. I would also recommend their maintenance program to anyone who wants peace of mind. They will come out twice a year and check the unit over carefully and give it a thorough cleaning from top to bottom. One thing I really like about the maintenance program is you can take it with you if you move to another house or the new owner can take it over without having to pay anything extra. I hope this has been helpful to anyone searching for a good HVAC company, they are few and far between. Don't waste your time with others, call 2nd Wind.
  Wayne Reed - 02.28.14
My experience with 2nd Wind was phenomenal. The service technicians Patrick and Russell were extremely polite and courteous. These two gentlemen showed true professionalism and knowledge of the issues and provided me with multiple options to choose from in order to fix the issue. I was greatly impressed by their patience to explain the problem and how thorough they were with identifying it. I was also impressed with them giving a second opinion to check the previous day’s assessment. 2nd Wind you all have a great company that surpasses all others in the customer service and satisfaction arena. Your technician’s represented your company extremely well, and I would gladly use your services again and recommend your company to anyone.
  Everett Brown - 02.13.14
I have received excellent service from 2nd Wind since I began doing business with them several years ago. I wish I had called them 5 years ago instead of All American (junk)when I needed a new unit. I purchased a lemon from All American. Constant problems starting before I had owned the unit even a year, and they were charging me a fortune to repair it. One problem was CAUSED by an All American service tech--they had to come back out to fix a problem he caused. When I spoke with the owner of All American about the constant problems I was having, he referred me to the manufacturer. I realized then he was not going to help me. Wish I had purchased my unit from 2nd Wind. I will definitely purchase my next unit from 2nd Wind, as they offer a labor and parts warranty, and have done a great job keeping my All American piece of junk working. Only good things to say about 2nd Wind.
  Neil Paulson - 11.14.13
Caroll was great at servicing our A/C unit. He was prompt and professional, calling and coming over right on time. He directed me to the proper manual for our thermostat and gave our unit a thorough look through. He also was great with our dogs and even knew our daughter's favorite TV show theme!
  Steven Gantt - 08.12.13
I'm extremely pleased with the prompt, professional, and friendly service that Brad H. provided in my HVAC emergency. My previous HVAC repair service seemed more focused on doing the minimum amount of work to maximize their profits, but Brad took the time to explain all the options for repairing the problem. When I chose the least expensive option, Brad quickly got to work and resolved the problem. He even took the time to fully explain the maintenance plan even though I told him that I would like time to review it before I made a decision.

I wish I would have selected 2nd Wind before now, and I look forward to doing business with your company in the future!
  John Rider - 07.15.13
I called 2nd Wind to replace a 16 year old heat pump that failed to cool and was making a "time to replace me" clanking sound. Within 90 minutes Nate came by and explained all my options for a new heat pump. Nate knows his profession very well and explains things clearly and thoroughly.

David and Patrick installed the new heat pump. They were very careful on the property and did it right the first time! Nate subsequently came out to inspect the new install and to service my other AC unit. He did the most complete service inspection and service job that I've ever seen compared to other men from other companies in the past.

I then asked Nate if he would replace a return filter grille he said he could do that (to save a service call in the future). 2nd Wind sent the part out and he did a perfect cosmetic install. These men make 2nd Wind look great!
  Shelda Richardson - 06.29.13
I want to applaud 2nd Wind for hiring such wonderful service techs. Daniel and Cory spent the day at my home removing and installing my new unit. I was impressed with these two young men. From the time they shook my hand and intoduced themselves, to when they vaccumed the area in which they worked. I would also like to include the guy who was on call and came by to assist Daniel and Cory. These are some exceptional young men and I wanted to let you know this. My new unit runs so quiet that I didn't even know they had turned it on! God bless and keep up the good work!!!

2nd Wind has proven themselves to be the leader in their field. From my initial call and conversation with the customer service representative; to the friendly service technician who came out to do my estimate. I've had top notch service with 2nd Wind. The replacement of my unit took the better part of a day. The replacing of my unit included the rebuiding of the shell to house my unit. They constucted this by hand and I was very impressed with their skill set. These young men were very professional and very knowledgeable of their task. I'm thankful they came out when they did because they found a leak in my other unit that I didn't even know about! I would recommend 2nd Wind to ANYONE that I know. Their service is impeccable and everyone that I've had to speak with has been so friendly.
  DJ Vanegas - 06.10.13
Sadly exceptional customer service is not the norm these days. However, we found 2nd Wind to be the exception! Nate provided a thorough explanation of recommended repairs. His knowledge and professionalism, and that of all of the technicians who assisted over the 3 day installation, was of the highest caliber. Hats off to 2nd Wind for providing EXCEPTIONAL customer service!
  Lethea Cochran - 05.31.13
My husband and I could not be more pleased with 2nd Wind. Two years ago, our air conditioner broke. I called the company, who had previously replaced the air conditioner. It two weeks, (In July) we had to repair and the unit again. I called 2nd Wind and they repaired everything and signed a serive contract that same day. Recently, our air conditioner broke again and Neal saved the day! He provided window units until the repairs were made. I would also like to thank the two young men who also worked on unit too.
  Paul McKeever - 05.11.13
We recently had our complete HVAC and duct work replaced. Of 4 estimates, 2nd Wind was not the highest nor the lowest. They were the best price for what they proposed to do. Kenny completely redesigned our system and explained every reason why. The installation was done by Nathan and Daniel, the most courteous men I have ever have do any work for me. The installation was completed ahead of the scheduled date. The work area was not only very clean, but they also landscaped around the area where the heat pump was installed. The inside work was clean and very well done.
Kenny gave a complete walk-through when the install was completed and explained the new system and thermostat.
They constructed an access door to fill in the area left open from the old heat pump. They sealed around the door and it looks great.
The new system is quiet and cools a lot better than my 15 year old unit did.
I would give my highest recommendation to any one interested in having any HVAC work done.

THANK YOU KENNY, NATHAN, and DANIEL. It was a pleasure to have you work on our install. God Bless you all.
  Pat Garrison - 03.26.13
I read some of your testimonials and just wanted to add my “two cents”. My family has been using 2nd Wind now for many years because we were not pleased with the service we had received from another local heating and air business.

Years ago, when shopping for a new company for service, we had heard several nightmare stories about other companies and wanted to choose the best. Seems that we made a very good choice. With the exception of one mix up with an appointment being cancelled accidently by the office staff, we have been so pleased with 2nd Wind. We have never had any other problems.

Recently, we had some duct work replaced in our home and purchased one of the new wireless remotes because of some of the comfort issues we had been having in our two story house. So far, we are very pleased. Kenny was our service representative. He is so professional and always respectful of our home and our time and needs. He also told me that he would not work for any other company in Columbia because he likes the way they run their business, treat their customers and employees.

I was so impressed with the service we received from Kenny and your company that I gave his business card to my daughter. She used them to do some work on her unit and replace some duct work at her house. Then I recommended them to a good friend of mine. Both of them signed maintenance contracts with 2nd Wind because it was such a great value and because of the quality of the service they had received from the technicians. To my surprise, I received $20.00 for each recommendation off my next bill (just an added perk – cause I would have recommended 2nd Wind to them anyway!)
  William Rifenbury - 03.13.13
Yesterday we had 2nd Wind put in two supply vents and one return vent in a add-on to the house that we bought 5 years ago. They had to do some reconstruction, but that room keeps the same temperature as the rest of the house and we have a door that we keep closed to it since we don't want our cats in that room. This was a top notch job done by professionals from the word go!

Thank you.
  Carroll Leonard Robinson - 03.08.13
Yesterday we had new heating and air system units put in by Nate and crew. Although this house is about 10 years old, the orginial system ductwork we learned through Nate was not sufficient for output and in giving an even flow of heat and air we needed. There was strain on the old worn out units with the units making noise we thought were normal.

Now with the units recommended by Nate, our regular service provider, the quiet is amazing! There is more even heat. We like also the credible looks of the units and the relatively short hours it took to install it all. Looks like a great job and we are very happy. Thank you!

  Janet Goldstein - 03.02.13
I think 2nd Wind is the BEST. I started using them when I build my home in 2009. My son in law was using them, so I did the same. In the past, I worked for a distributor for heating and a/c, doing inside sales. I had contact with many companies and technicians that were doing new and repair service on heating and a/c units. None of them, gave their customer the care and service that 2nd Wind did for me. Their maintenance agreement is low cost and worth every penny. They come anytime needed and are always on time. I will always use them and no one else.
  Lucy Ridgeway - 02.14.13
I bought a newly constructed home in 2006. I have always had problems with the unit. I started using 2nd Wind a couple of years ago and have had great service. However, in January, my A/C unit had SO many leaks it was only a matter of time before it died. Not wanting to wait until the summer heat, 2nd Wind gave me an estimate. I also got 3 other very reputable companies to give me estimates as well. None of them could beat the estimate from 2nd Wind. Another important thing is that all of the other representatives from the other companies, which were locally owned, had only GREAT things to say about 2nd Wind! Also, I did my research online to look at the best products and came to the absolute conclusion that it does not matter what unit you purchase, but rather the SKILL of the technician who installs it. Many companies only require a couple of weeks of training whereas 2nd Wind requires much more training and higher skill level. Not many people realize the difference. So the bottom line is, it's not the quality of the equipment but the quality of the instillation and 2nd Wind has both!
  Caroline Smith - 12.07.12
I had what my electric company stated was a gas leak. I heard from a co-worker 2nd Wind was the best. I called 2nd Wind and Andrew Berg came to my rescue. There was no leak found and I ended up getting a service agreement with 2nd Wind. They immediately followed up to set up a time for my first service. I woke up the following morning to a cold bedroom and had to call 2nd Wind back out. Andrew came back and was so helpful. I am now warm and happy to have interacted with a great service man. He did not speak above my knowledge, so I could understand in easy terms. I truly think he is a great asset to 2nd Wind.

Thanks again Andrew!
  Denise Moorer - 07.31.12
When I lived in West Columbia, we used 2nd Wind HVAC when they first started out. We purchased the yearly maintenance program and it was well worth it. If we had issues, we had service person within a hour.
I moved away in 2000 to the lowcountry, and still have not found a company that can come close to their service. I wish they had a office in my area. I just recommended 2nd Wind to a friend that still lives in Columbia. She came home to cooling issues. She was still waiting for a call from her current service after 3 hours without AC. I told her it was time to change to 2nd Wind and sent her the weblink.
  Kathleen Novak - 07.27.12
This is about 4 weeks late but I wanted to thank you all for the prompt service you gave us when we returned home on Friday, July 6th. The thermostat had been kicked up while we were away and at the same time, Columbia had record breaking heat. The temperature would not lower quick enough for me and it had nothing to do with the unit. You had a service person come out who checked everything to ensure that the unit was functioning properly and we needed to have a little patience (he did not say that but we realized it after). It was after hours when we contacted your company and the service rep came out quickly, was professional during the diagnostics and checked out everything. It eventually did cool off. Thank you again for your great service. We appreciate all of your efforts from the intial call to the completion of the service work order. Keep up the great job!
  Jayne Mullikin - 07.12.12
I got home from work on Tuesday and my thermostat showed 84 degrees (I normally keep it at 74 in the summer). I immediately called 2nd Wind and they had a tech at my house within an hour. Rusty checked everything out and discovered that my motor had died. He couldn't fix it that night because the parts distributor was closed. He called the main office and found out it would cost $635 to replace. I said let's go ahead with it, although $635 was definitely gonna hurt my pocketbook! He came the next day and replaced the motor. By the time I woke up the next morning my house was at the correct temperature.
Today, I got a call from Mike at 2nd Wind to see if everything was OK and to let me know that he had given me an incorrect quote on the work. Thinking the worst, I braced myself for the news as to how much more I would owe. Well, low and behold, Mike informed me that I only owed $215. I almost got up on my desk at work and did a dance! They could've kept the $635 and I would have been none the wiser. What a breath of fresh air it is to find an HONEST HVAC company. I would NOT HESITATE to recommend 2nd Wind to anyone and everyone! THANK YOU, 2nd Wind!
  Buddy Hammitt - 06.29.12
Rich was very nice, and explained everything to me in “layman’s terms.” I am very happy with the work that he did.
  Debbie Pulliam - 06.25.12
I called at 5:30 and you guys were at my house by 6:10. Leonard was extremely professional, courteous, and thorough. I wanted to make sure that I acknowledged his great work.
  Jennifer Alexander - 06.25.12
I am very happy with Chris J’s prompt response. He came out at 11pm to fix my upstairs unit. I am pleased that I chose 2nd Wind.
  Stan & Susan Derrick - 06.09.12
We were recently advised we needed our ductwork changed out, but were not happy with the estimate we had gotten. We called 2nd Wind, and Neal came out, looked the situation over and gave us an estimate. Needless to say, we were most happy it was cheaper than the previous estimate. Techs Derrick, Brian & Daniel brought out 2 window units so we would be comfortable during the replacement period. Neal, Derrick, Brian & Daniel were most respectful of our home and all worked efficiently and quietly to get the job done. I never felt the need to supervise any of them while they were in our home and were free to come and go as they needed. They also timbered up our outside unit so it would set correctly. Not only was it timbered up, but also filled with decorative rock for a nice appearance. The job was completed in the timeframe given, and I was pleasantly surprised at how clean everything was left. No stone was left unturned. Thanks to Neal, Derrick, Brian and Daniel for helping us to make 2nd Wind our first choice!
  Alison Johnson - 04.13.12
Dear 2nd Wind, I thought you guys would like to know of the excellent service Chris gave to my home heating and air system today. He was considerate of my home, he performed the annual maintenance in a timely manner and answered all my questions professionally. We talked about saving up for a new unit in a few years, and I appreciate his knowledge on the subject.
  Ken Irving - 04.06.12
I wanted to compliment Jennifer on her wonderful customer service skills. I dealt with her on a situation, and just wanted to share with the company what a great customer service person she is.
  Andy Folk & Joann Hayton - 02.18.12
Travis came to our house to perform system service. When he arrived, I informed him that I had taken the foam insulation off the outside faucet and attached the garden hose to it so he could use it to wash the coils in the unit. Travis performed the service, gave us an invoice, and left. When I went outside to unhook the garden hose and re-install the foam insulation, I discovered that Travis had not only unhooked the garden hose and put it on the wall hanger, but he had also put the foam insulation back on the faucet. I was pleasantly surprised. He went beyond what we expected of him. It is this kind of service that makes us appreciate 2nd Wind, and we will certainly continue to use your company in the future.
  Jay & Stephanie Quantz - 02.02.12
This job was installed in December and I have been meaning to call since. All of the installers were excellent and they got the job done to a tee. Kenny was awesome, and I want to make sure that you know how great the technicians were. They did an excellent job!
  Charles Woods - 01.21.12
I have never had such a pleasurable experience with and heating and air company. The technicians were courteous, professional, and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend 2nd Wind Heating and Air to anyone.
  Evelyn Johnston - 01.16.12
Dear John, I usually write Mr. Lawler, after our twice yearly check up, about the excellent care that you give to my heating and air conditioning unit. I always mention what a wonderful asset you are to 2nd Wind, and also how polite, friendly, and informative you are. You have no idea how much my family and I appreciate having you look after our unit. We know you are the best. I thank you for your advice, and always take it very seriously. Thanks John for everything.
  Rachael McLaughlin - 01.10.12
I love 2nd Wind! Brandon was fantastic with my three dogs. I don’t often compliment businesses, because it’s hard to find great service anymore. I will highly recommend 2nd Wind to all of my friends and neighbors.
  Pam Gill - 12.12.11
Just wanted to compliment Brandon on the outstanding job he did for us on our heating systems. He came for a "check-up" and not only performed the maintenance of the systems and installation of a new thermostat, but gave me a "complete" explanation of what he had done. He also gave advice of what may "be coming" with our older unit. Thanks Brandon!
  Phil & Janie Hiers - 12.05.11
There’s nothing that can be said about 2nd Wind that isn’t already all over these testimonials but I still feel the need to add my respect and amazement at the professionalism of this company. I first called them back in June this year because my 17 year old system wasn’t cooling. They had someone at my house the same day and I was up and running after a good cleaning and a couple pounds of freon. However, I was warned it was running on its last leg. That service got me through the hot summer, and I made it until last week.

Brandon came out on Thursday and looked at the system during my normal maintenance and showed me the massive leak. He provided me two options: patch it up and wait for the next one or replace it with a new one. I didn’t want to face the chance of having this problem in another six months (during the heat), so I went with the new one. The office called me within a few minutes and had the paperwork completed and approved the next morning. Today is Monday, and I just had the most professional installation and additional inspection I’ve ever been a part of. I now have peace of mind, and 2nd Wind has a customer for life. This company made what could have been a troublesome experience before the holidays as close to hassle free as you could imagine.

  Jerry Berley - 11.30.11
2nd Wind installed the anti-microbal ductwork and a new furnace for me. The workers were Jason and Joseph. They were two of the nicest guys I've ever had working here. Their leader Neal was very professional and good to work with. The heat and air was excellent upon completion. I would not hesitate to recommmend these guys or company to anyone.
  Cynthia Kent - 11.25.11
I just got the particle readings after the installation of the Abatement System and I am ecstatic! Tommy G and Chris C were great installers. A big shout out to Chris J for a superior job and leading the team! Really looking forward to breathing easier!

  Bill & Sara Raubenstrauch - 11.01.11
I had a new unit put in and the installers did a super job! Rich explained everything step by step. I will recommend 2nd wind to all my friends. Thanks for a job well done.
  Paul Lyday - 11.01.11
Rich was very helpful and straightforward in his diagnosis and solution for my AC unit. He took his time to make sure I understood all the options and represented the company very professionally. Tom and Travis did a very neat installation of the new unit. They were very courteous and polite and went the extra mile by trimming the bottom of the new unit to my satisfaction. 2nd Wind has been reliable for the many years I've dealt with them.
  Penry & Todd Gustafson - 08.11.11
We have used 2nd wind service for years, but our failed system put them to the test! The reason why people keep voting you the BEST is, because you absolutely offer the best customer service. Quick timeline: Air goes out with old system while we sleep. Call 2nd Wind at 6:30am and leave message. They call me back at 8:30am same day, and someone is here by 1pm the same day. Appointment is scheduled for the NEXT DAY at 10am to replace the entire system for about $3000 LESS than what we expected. NOT ONLY THAT, but they sent out servicemen to install 3 window units for just one night... AT no charge! So, we did not melt in the 100 degree heat today.

The gentlemen who installed today were Jon and Nick. They worked like trojans in my hot attic and never complained. They were courteous and only asked to cool off downstairs one time. The 2nd Wind staff took care of them bringing them Gatorade regularly. You would think having 2 men in your house all day would be intrusive, but they were not at all. Their professional demeanor and competent, complete work made us very happy customers! Thank you Jon and Nick-you did a great job!!!!! And thanks to 2nd Wind!
  Christopher and Sha'Nelle Wells - 07.26.11
We woke up this morning to no air (hot air). The first search we found was 2nd Wind. With no hesitation they had someone out and within 30 minutes we were back up and running. We saved tons of money by signing up for the Cloud 10 membership. Russell was very professional and handled business. This is a shout out to Russell! We look forward to doing business with 2nd Wind and will pass the word. Thanks So much for your prompt service and adequate resolution to our needs. See you in 6 months!
  Jerry Garlington - 07.24.11
Thanks for the quick, professional service. Nick was absolutely great. We look forward to a continuing relationship with this great organization!
  Elizabeth & Scott Budd - 07.12.11
Early this morning we discovered our air conditioner was not putting out the nice cool air we were used to getting. This was a good time to try 2nd Wind, as my sister had recommended them and other neighbors have used 2nd Wind. We were not disappointed, phone was answered immediately, service was promised at the end of the day,6-8PM but they called around 2PM and had the job done before 4:30. That is service, good service! We also signed up for a maintenance program as past history has shown us the benefits of such a program. Thanks 2nd Wind! Thanks to Brian, the technician who delivered this great service!
  Ana Dubnjakovic - 07.01.11
This company is amazing. My AC died right before a huge heat wave. Brandon arrived just as they promised and spent hours in the sweltering heat trying to fix the unit. After it was clear the only thing to do was to replace the system, 2nd wind loaned us 2 window units to keep us cool until the next day. They brought those within the hour and showed up promptly the next morning. The installation was quick and very professional(they left everything spotless). Brandon came back to inspect the work and patiently answered all my questions. Not only did they install the new system, they also expanded the ducts and made sure I had everything needed to have it run at peak efficiency. This company also really stands behind their work. 10 Year warranty on parts and labor! I couldn't recommend them more.
  DJ Minier - 06.19.11
I want to say a big THANK YOU to Brandon and Russell for persevering until resolution on the AC system a couple of weeks ago. The temps outside were near 100 degrees and the inside would not cool below 78 and 76 at times. Both gentlemen were very courteous and knew how frustrated I had been with the unit during the extreme heat. You can tell that both men really like their jobs and aim to satisfy the customer. AC is fixed thanks to both of them!
  Craig Hunt - 05.31.11
I just want to let you know that since my favorite technician retired I was concerned who could do as good a job for me with my HVAC. Well as it happens, my unit had some trouble last week and a tech named Travis arrived. He diagnosed it, left us with some window units to get us by until the parts arrived. Under the circumstances a pleasant experience. Travis is competent and very customer service oriented. I guess he will be my new favorite tech!
  Lisa Spiegel - 05.25.11
We have been customers with 2nd wind for about 4 years now and have always used the bi-yearly maintenance service. Even though every technician, dispatcher, etc. has been awesomely wonderful during these years, I just wanted you to know what awesomely great job Rich H. did for me today. He was polite, courteous and had a great sense of humor. Not only was it easy working with him on my maintenance/repair issue, he took the time to explain what was going on with my system and what it needed without confusing me too much :). I hope that you will keep Rich H. around a long time so I can request him again. 2nd Wind and Rich H. ROCK!
  Jonathon Smith - 05.17.11
I was thrilled with 2nd winds quick repsonse, professionalism of all their employees and resolution to my issue. I will go out of my way to make sure I mention them and the excellent service I received.
  Jim Tucker - 05.11.11
I must say I was a little shocked when I first got the estimate for replacing my 30 year old AC system. However, Neal explained in detail what I needed and why I needed it.
From there, the installers did exactly what Neal said they would. As the very professional installers went through the two day task of replacing my old unit, I saw what 30 years would do to a HVAC system.

When the intallation was complete, I saw an immediate and drastic improvement in our climate control. Three days after the installation was complete, Neal came by and checked the work, and explained to me the maintenance for the future. 2nd Wind exceeded my expectations in both the installation process, and the improvement in climate control my new HVAC system made!
  Josee Gibson - 04.11.11
My husband and I are very pleased with the service provided by 2nd Wind! Brandon, Will and John were so nice and did an excellent job. I hardly knew they were at the house all day doing the install! We would recommend 2nd Wind to anyone for HVAC work!
  Kate Hartley - 03.17.11
I just had all new ductwork and a new unit installed at my home. The whole experience was a good one for me, first thanks to Jon who carefully explained what I needed and why and who came back later after the work was completed to make sure everything was up to snuff.

I also met Daniel, Dakota, John and Chris who tore out the old stuff and did the installation work. They were all very professional, courteous and hardworking. They also made every effort to clean up as they went along which I greatly appreciated. Everyone involved did an excellent job and Dawn, who I've often spoken to on the phone, is also top notch at what she does. Thanks to everyone!
  Dr. Tal Johnson - 02.07.11
I was completely blown away for the purpose of purchasing and installing an HVAC system. It started with the quote and sales visit. I actually used the same as cash financing because I didn't want to pay cash.

They (Todd and other technicians) actually installed the system, had it going when I got back home from work, and there was no sign of a mess or where they had actually worked. Everything outside of the pad was dress-right-dress. Even the gravel/earth foundation was in order.

That was one of the first times I had been impressed by work that had been done around my house. I now have them service my unit whenever they need to, with my approval of course.

Thanks 2nd Wind for the service and community support.
  The Reese Family - 01.10.11
Just wanted to thank you for the great service that we received today. The service tech, Brian, that you sent out was great. If the rest of your service team is that good, then your customers are in great hands. You will be highly recommended!
  Marvin Davis - 12.04.10
We had been using another heating and air firm for 20 years and felt it was time to find another hvac provider to quote us a new unit and service. I called 2nd Wind and was impressed from my first contact. I was nervous about buying a new unit but was very impressed during the entire installation. They made recommendations that the other company overlooked for years. The installation of my new unit far exceeded my expectations. Now I know why they have won so many customer service awards. Thomas, Tim and Brandon, Thank You!
  Gary Hodsdon - 11.02.10
Just want to say how impressed I am with the professionalism and competency of the 2nd Wind team that just replaced my entire ductwork. I found I had a severe problem with moisture in my old ductwork and realized I needed to have it replaced. I decided to go with 2nd Wind based on the outstanding work they did recently in fixing my daughter's problems with her house air conditioning and ductwork. They did an excellent job. They redesigned my ductwork to increase the air flow and used the new Green Duct Work. They did a good job explaining what should be done. They were very considerate and let us know the times they would be working. They even offered use of air conditioners and space heaters during the job but we did not need them. When all was done, they did a thorough job of cleaning up the work area and walking me through all the work that was done to ensure they met our expectations. It is very conforting knowing the high quality of work that was done on my house. I highly recommend 2nd Wind if you want quality work done.
  Bernie Sizemore - 11.02.10
During the recent drop in temperatures we have experienced here in Columbia we decided to to turn on the heat only to find that it was not working. We called 2nd Wind first thing Monday morning and before noon yesterday John F had arrived at our home.
Shortly after his arrival he determined what the problem was and explained to us in detail our options which involved either repairing or replacing the unit. Upon deciding to replace the unit, John arrived first thing Tuesday morning and along with his assistant John S replaced the unit, tested it and took the time to explain the work that they had performed.
We were impressed with both John F and John S and the work they did and would like to request that John F be our technician going forward.

Thank you,

Bernie Sizemore
  Karen Keels - 10.29.10
I just wanted to express my appreciation for 2nd Wind's consistent great service. Their commitment to ensuring that scheduled appointments are met is terrific! Scheduled between 11:00 and 1:00 and they have come and gone before 12:15. I wish all service companies were this respectful of my time. Thank you 2nd Wind and especially, Tim.
  Mary Law - 10.11.10
Our AC/Heat unit quit at the beginning of September. After waiting for two weeks (during very hot weather) for our Home Warranty company to get back to us, so we decided to call 2nd Wind for a second opinion. They were only too happy to come out and check the unit for free. Within minutes the technician had the unit working. The issue that the HWC technician had told us about was not correct.
However, there were major other problems and we realized that the unit did in fact need to be replaced. We decided to contract with 2nd Wind, and want to express how fast and professional they were. They advised us on all aspects of what we needed with options to choose from. They went over and above to help. Special kudos to Brandon for his help. Our neighbors have done business with 2nd Wind for a long time and it was on their recommendation that we called them. We would like to add our recommendation to theirs.
  Kathleen Novak - 09.01.10
Our air conditioner/heat pump quit working on Tuesday night. Since we are fairly new to the Columbia area (3 years) we contacted 2nd Wind because of the reputation your company has. Our service call was completed within one hour. We were very satisfied with the technician and the ability to diagnose and correct the problem in a short time. We are also an employee-owned commercial general contractor who will keep your company in mind for future work we may have in the Columbia area. Thank you again for your professional and friendly staff from the initial call until the technician was done!
  Bob & Judy Walling - 07.30.10
We found 2nd Wind to be extremely competent in assessing our air conditioning problem and providing a common sense solution. Here our story begins.

We called 2nd Wind in the morning explaining what we thought was the problem and that afternoon Comfort Advisor Brett arrived to survey the problem. He quickly located several problem areas and then spent several hours with us discussing the various options we could select to alleviate the problem. We chose a plan of attack and Brett worked with us to make it as inexpensive as he could and still provide excellent quality. After our discussions with him we did not feel the need to get a second or third estimate. The work began the next morning which was a welcome surprise.

A.J. and his helper Matt arrived that morning and started to install a new system and repair the existing ductwork. Tim was another helper that worked with AJ and both of them did an excellent job for us. A.J is certainly customer oriented, pleasant, and also took a lot of time to explain to us what he was going to accomplish. He answered an inordinate amount of questions from us and had great patience. His work is first class and cuts no corners in his work. We would highly recommend him for a raise in pay.

We also received good advice from Chad who spent time with us and also serviced our other older unit. Chad educated us on the correct operations of using both systems in harmony. He made a suggestion to provide more air to an upstairs bedroom and the company implemented it which has improved the air flow.

Unforeseen problems developed and the team found solutions for them quickly. Even though additional material and labor was required, there was no additional charge to the quoted price. You can't say that about a lot of companies.

Overall we are extremely pleased with the entire 2nd Wind team from management to installers and will continue to have them service our units. I don't think you can find a more reliable, responsible, and honest company than 2nd Wind!
  Rick & Donna Huddleston - 07.18.10
I would like to give a big thanks, and pat on the backs of several of your employees.

During the past several months, we noticed that our A/C was not keeping up with the heat. I had made 2 service requests through our home warranty company, and they both came back saying the system was OK, it was just older and not able to keep up. I was not satisfied, and called you after seeing and hearing your ads (yes, TV and Radio does in fact work!).

I believe it was Angela that answered my first phone call. She took a lot of time to discuss with me what our problems may be, and suggested I have a system review to make sure what the real problems were before just doing a band-aid fix. Neal came out, and heard our complete story, including a severe health issue my wife has. He took a good look, and kept me at his side, explaining and showing me what he found. Not only old and leaking duct work, but an old unit, when opened, was full of mold and dirt. Oil traces in the drip pan, and yes, just a bit low on Freon. No doubt, this was a major factor in my wife's health deterioration.

After discussing options, and deciding on a plan to replace everything, I was shocked to hear it would be started the next day! Neal even arranged for window units we could use while ours was down, something we could not have done without. Early the next day, here comes Todd and Chris, the 2nd Wind install team. They worked all day long, hot, under the house, yet cheerful and professional. The next day, Todd, Tim, and Tommy, bright and early, worked non stop until they had everything finished and our new unit cooling like a charm. All of your guys were simply the best. Cheerful, hard working, all working together like clock work. They are very professional, respectful and obviously care about their customers. They all deserve a huge pat on the back. Thanks to Neal and his understanding of our situation, we were able to get this completed in an amazingly short time. Your employees may just have saved my wife's life, or at the very least, you have given her an environment clean, and mold free to continue her recovery.

Having spent almost 40 years in customer service, it was an absolute pleasure to deal with your staff. Caring and professional. It reminds me of the way things used to be, and how things should still be. Please give my thanks to Neal, Todd, Tim, Tommy, Chris and Angela.

Rick Huddleston

  Elizabeth Hamel - 07.14.10
I just had my bi-annual maintenance done on my air conditioning unit. I have been a customer for over six years and I just want to say that your company, from the wonderful office staff to all the technicians I have encountered are the best! I recommend your company to everyone I know that needs air conditioning service. I hope this message is forwarded to all your staff, because they are truly professional, polite, and friendly. Thanks!
  Cannon Myers - 07.09.10
Having purchased ten previous homes and rental properties in and around Atlanta, GA, upon returning to the Columbia area buying a home here, I share the following.
Unequivocally, 2nd Wind is one of the most impressive companies i have ever dealt with. I had everything related to HVAC, duct work, etc. removed and replaced, This company is what I respect, and they are good for their word. They follow up, have impressive scheduling, quality control, professionalism, competence... the superlatives could go on. I could only hope that other companies would follow the ethics of 2nd Wind.
  Donald Tetreault - 06.23.10
I just wanted to share with you a few good words about technician Chad. Chad came to our house last week to service one of our A/C units. He replaced the condenser contactor, and I inquired about a maintenance agreement. After he explained the benefits, I signed the agreement, and he returned this morning for the first maintenance visit.

Chad spent a few hours thoroughly checking our 2 HVAC units. He provided me with an analysis of what was working, what needed attention, and what needed repair. He did a great job of explaining everything. I should also note that Chad is very personable and client-oriented.

We've been using 2nd Wind for HVAC repairs for over 10 years, and we've always been happy with the prompt and thorough service we've received. I'm sure you seldom hear from clients unless something goes wrong or someone's dissatisfied. But we wanted to "put a feather in Chad's cap," so-to-speak, and let you know that we're thrilled with the quality service we received from him and Second Wind.

  Marilyn Parmely - 06.04.10
On Thurday 06/03/10 I e-mailed 2nd Wind to get a second opinion regarding my air conditioning system. I was told by another company that I had a broken compressor. I was then quoted by the other company that it would be $2,128 to replace the compressor, and they would not guarantee the compressor. I was then given a proposal by that company to replace my current system with a heat pump for $5,615. That's when I knew I needed to get a second opinon on my system. So I sent an e-mail as stated above to 2nd wind, and they came out the same day, and Travis B arrived at my home around 5:30pm and talked to me for a while, looked at the proposal I received from the other company and then went to look at my system. Within a few minutes, Travis came back into the house and told me that the compressor was not broken, imagine that! I did praise God and always Praise God for the Blessing. Travis stayed and we talked until he was satisfied that the compressor continued to work. Thank you very much 2nd Wind and please give Travis praise for a job well done. The visit cost me $248 and I am now a customer of 2nd Wind.
  Von Boozer - 05.26.10
Recently we had a new heating and air unit installed at our home. I would like to let the management know that your employees represented your company very well. A.J. and Tom were all polite, friendly, informative and competent. They were careful in thier work and respectful of our property both inside and outside. We continue to be pleased with our association with 2nd Wind.
  Martha Boozer - 05.26.10
2nd Wind serviced our gas pack for the summer. Ten days later, our unit started making a horrible noise. 2nd Wind sent out Mr. Tim R. He went straight to work and found insulation was hitting the blower. Then he noticed the motor on the fan was vibrating and possibly the fan was hitting the rim. The unit was in the process of biting the dust! There was no pressure in replacing the unit, but Tim did suggest we would be rather hot in July and August with no air conditiong. The new unit was installed the next working day. Tim R. was polite and very knowledgable. Thanks Tim, we will be cool this summer.
  Kendell Scott Moore - 05.05.10
One of our three A/C units was not working properly. We called 2nd Wind and received professional, courteous service immediately over the phone. At that time, we were not Maintenance Agreement customers, so I didn't expect VIP service right away. I was able to get an appointment the next day. The service technician, Brandon, arrived on time, as scheduled to do the diagnostic service. Without being asked, he made sure that he wore shoe covers before entering the house. He was very professional and took time to explain the issue to me. He was very thorough in responding to my many questions. He provided us with a booklet that outlined the tiered maintenance options. We were impressed with the detailed knowledge (and patience!) of the service technician. Subsequently, my husband and I purchased a Maintenance Agreement in addition to the repair. Two days later, Brandon returned, on time, as scheduled, to do the repair and to do the initial service on each of the three units. We are glad that we chose 2nd Wind. We have a peace of mind now, that we simply did not have before. Thanks Brandon. Thanks 2nd Wind. Now I know why you have been voted Columbia's Best!
  Samuel Gustafson - 04.16.10
We had a major failure in the 1st floor heat pump this spring. Just as many other people had, the switch from heating to cooling did not go well, which of course means that 2nd Wind had lots of customers calling them. Jon F from 2nd wind talked me through the options that we had and let us decide what to do over the next few days. I was even able to talk with Jon over the weekend to help narrow down the best option for our replacement heat pump. 2nd Wind arrived ready for work at the scheduled time and completed the work in the time that was forecast. Jon was especially helpful in correcting a couple of minor issues with the insulation. We were able to agree on an improvement in the system and 2nd Wind returned a few days later to complete the upgrade.
We appreciate the no pressure sales, frank discussion, completion of the work as expected and as priced, and clean up. This was done on time as well. The job included late evening and weekend work so this met our needs well.
Thank you 2nd Wind and Jon F!
  Vertell Burgess - 03.28.10
I've been using 2nd wind for years now and I utilize their maintenance agreement. Whenever Tim comes, he's always professional and can be counted on to do a good job!
  Debbie Bjork - 03.09.10
I appreciate 2nd Wind because they make sure that our unit is always working properly and efficiently. We have the maintenance agreement, which means we don't have to remember to check the unit before seasons change. Whenever anything doesn't work, they come right away and fix it; doesn't matter what time of day or week or if it is a holiday. The rates are reasonable, but we appreciate the excellent service.
  Gere Fulton - 02.26.10
Yesterday Steve W came to my home to give me an estimate for replacement of my heat pump. I'm writing this to let you know how pleased I was with Mr. West. He was prompt, efficient, very knowledgeable and exceptionally courteous; the kind of person who you should be proud to be in your employ. I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with every aspect of Mr. West's representation and I hope that you will both pass this along to your personnel department and Mr. West as well.
  Jim & Vicky Skiff - 12.22.09
This past Sunday we awoke to one's worst nightmare, no heat! I quickly put in a service call and found that our normal tech, Rich, was not on duty. Within an hour or so Tim came and diagnosed our problem. He did a great job of explaining our alternatives. While the unit needed to be replaced, we were comfortable that it needed to be done. An install team was not available, so Tim returned with space heaters to get us through the night. The next morning the install team arrived. Bobby and Tim worked a long day and got us up and running. Later Tim came by to make sure all was well. We have been with 2nd Wind over 10 years and your service continues to be excellent. We are pleased with Rich and in this instance were equally pleased with the service from Tim and the install team. They are all a credit to your organization. My thanks to all of them.
  Carol McGinnis Kay - 10.30.09
Since moving into my current home 16 years ago, 2nd Wind has maintained my heating cooling system; always to my satifisfaction. They have just installed an entirely new Goodman system, plus replaced all the ductwork with Green Duct and installed an Induct 2000 (a UV light). I believe I now have the Ferrari of heating and cooling systems!

I can not say enough good things about the courteous professionalism of all the installers. They answered all my questions, treated my house with great care, and cleaned up after themselves every day (it was a four day job). The supervisor, Neal C, made sure everything was completed perfectly. The system is quiet and efficient. I am delighted especially with the Induct 2000; no more waking up with nasal congestion, a problem I increasingly had with my 20+ year old system. And I love the new touchscreen thermostat.

In short, another great job from 2nd Wind!
  Louise Kester - 10.01.09
What a joy to do business with this company! Everyone was professional and patient! We had to have our entire upstairs unit replaced and it was a 98 degree weekend with about 30 stairs between the truck and the condenser in the attic. What a difference in the upstairs temperatures, cool and quiet with a huge difference in the electric bill! 2nd Wind is the answer from now on!
  Paul Perkins - 09.22.09
My air conditioning was knocked out last night, and after calling 2nd Wind today, an extremely friendly and capable technician named Robert Branon came out to my house in Heathwood.

Robert remembered exactly where my furnace was, even though he had not serviced this residence in more than fifteen years when it was owned by another family. He immediately diagnosed my problem as a burnt out condensate pump, which had been replaced by 2nd Wind in August of 2008. The pump missed being under warranty by only one month.

Responding to my obvious disappointment, Robert made a quick phone call to his manager. When it was all over, the condensation pump was cheerfully replaced and its operation thoroughly checked out at absolutely no charge to me. I am completely satisfied with my treatment from this company and its outstanding representative, Robert Branon.

If South Carolina could be run the same way 2nd Wind Heating and Air conditioning is, we'd be a model for the rest of the nation.
  Tim Goldman - 08.22.09
Yet another great visit from 2nd Wind! Chris T came out to my house this past Wednesday. He cleaned up my entire heating & air system and also did a great job educating me on what he was doing and why. It was really nice to know that he didnt mind explaining things to me. It just added to the level of trust. I usually have James H come out to my house, who has always done an amazing job, but Chris just picked right up where he left off. Today I am enjoying the fruits of their labor. My system is working better and more efficiently than ever. Thanks 2nd Wind!
  Deborah Murphy - 07.07.09
I’ve been a customer of 2nd Wind for many years and have the VIP Residential Maintenance Agreement with them. Every technician who has been to my house has been friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and I’ve always felt comfortable while they work in my home. I offer special thanks to Will, Javed, and Ken. Over the years I’ve have had a few HVAC emergencies, and 2nd Wind has always been available, day or night, to promptly respond to and resolve any problem. I truly feel that I am a valued “VIP” customer. I would highly recommend their services to anyone.
  Bruce Boyle - 06.27.09
On Friday, June 5th, we noticed that our upstairs unit was not sending out any cool air. Since we had upcoming plans, we made an appointment for the 15th. Nick came out and checked the system. As it turned out, the compressor had gone out. Since the unit was over 15 years old, we decided to investigate new units instead of fixing the old one. Ncik was very professional, patient, and informative. It was great learning about the new units and their features from a person who really knew the trade and the benefits of the units. Thanks to Nick, a painful situation was made a lot easier.
  Terry Paul Eargle - 06.16.09
Our 2nd floor attic cooling system was not putting out cool air last Thursday, so we called 2nd Wind for a service call. Rich rearranged his Friday schedule so he could meet with us on Friday morning. After inspecting our system, he discovered that we had lost most of our freon charge due to a leak. Due to the age of our unit (14 years) and the likely cost of repairing the unit, he recommended we consider a replacement unit with some air processing upgrades to improve the air quality. After spending several hours figuring the costs of what we needed and answering all of our questions, Rich arranged an installation crew to do the work on Saturday. We really appreciated the expert and professional way that Rich explained our choices and gave us time to make our decision. On Saturday, our installation crew Eric and Bobby, arrived on time and began the work in a very hot attic for most of the day. They were consumate professionals, taking care to do the installation properly with all the new air processing equipment, and ensuring that the installation was completed the right way. Rich showed up mid-afternoon to ensure we were happy with the new unit and that all was completed the way both he and we wanted. The install crew was courteous and very professional, taking care to keep our home clean and to vacuum up after themselves. It was all top quality. It was a real pleasure dealing with these professionals and it made the purchase of our new system a delight. We are very happy with 2nd Wind, and especially Eric, Bobby and Rich. These employees are worth every penny you pay them, because they bring a quality to the job that is very much appreciated by us, your customers. We will call no one but 2nd Wind in the future. Thanks for making our dealings with your company a real pleasure. A special thanks go to Eric, Bobby and Rich for a job very well done.
  Tom Schietinger - 05.24.09
On 05.08.09 I contacted 2nd Wind and told them that we were experiencing air conditioning problems and within the hour a technician arrived at the house. He promptly found the problem and explained in detail what needed to be done. After accepting his recommendation for new equipment, he went to work ordering the equipment and setting up a crew to do the work on Sunday, Mother's Day.
The crew arrived on time, as arranged. They were polite, knowledgible and hard working. By mid-afternoon we had our air conditioning restored and in time for company.
On Monday, Jon, came out and inspected the work and even looked at the second floor system to make sure it was working well. I was very pleased with the service provided us by 2nd Wind and all of their personnel!
  Peggy Cornwell - 05.11.09
Corey came to my house to do my bi-annual maintenance today. He arrived on time and was polite, pleasant, courteous, and very professional during the entire 2 hours he spent working on boh of my units. He even helped an elderly man who lives across the street for me when he locked himself out of his house. Corey was very thorough and wonderful at explaining all the work he was doing. I would be pleased to have him as my regular maintenance guy. Thank you Corey!
  George Bumgardner - 04.09.09
Rich performed our bi-annual maintenance today. He has been our tech for 6 years and I won't let anyone else work on our unit. He is absolutely the best. Thank You and Thanks Rich!
  William Kitson - 03.21.09
Will and Kenny arrived on time, did an excellent job, were polite and cleaned up after themselves, which I appreciated these days after having to deal with the 'ME' generation. You should be proud to have these two fine men on your team.
  Matthew Burns - 03.14.09
Last week I scheduled a routine maintenance check for the unit at our home. James inspected the system and informed me of a cracked heat exchanger. He was very patient as I contemplated fixing the 20 year old unit or replacing it. After I made the decision to replace the system, he immediately began removing the old system and had a crew with a new unit at my house within an hour. These guys had it up and running very quickly. I was impressed that 2nd Wind had about six or seven people total working together to install the new unit. One of the technicians was Brandon who came back with James the following day to put landscape timbers and rocks around the system. It truly was a custom job. I appreciate all the hard work and commitment that these guys displayed. Thanks James!
  Meira Warshauer - 02.23.09
Neal and his team installed a Goodman 95% gas furnace last week, and we love it. The air is hotter, so it's not on as much as our old furnace. We're looking forward to some savings in our gas bill, and think it was worth the investment.

Robert had recommended it in the fall, but we postponed the decision until we had to replace the furnace when it broke last week. It was also recommended by Chris, so everyone was on the same page here.

The installers were polite and worked hard all day to put it in correctly. All in all, a positive experience.
  Larry Floyd - 11.24.08
I just had my first experience with 2nd Wind and Sebastian came out. He was not only very professional, but went well above the call of duty to make a bad situation better. He explained everything thouroughly and made me feel like that "all of my questions" were legitimate, even though I know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about what he was doing. If you could clone Sebastian, wow what a great supply of servicemen you would have. I got the service agreement and look forward to more repoir with Sebastian in the future. Again, thanks so much Sebastian.
  Paul Perkins - 11.21.08
Fine routine maintenance today from Mike, a friendly and obviously very capable technician who explained his work thoroughly and answered all my questions.
  Bob Schulz - 11.05.08
We have been satisfied 2nd Wind customers for a lot longer than I care to remember, but today was exceptional!

Sebastian just finished our semi annual heating and A/C check up under the long standing 2nd Wind Maintenance Agreement. This checkup was one of the most courteous and professional visits I have had since the last time 2nd Wind came out this past spring. From the time he came in until the time he left, he showed professionalism and pride in his work, as have every technician that you folks have sent out. Just something simple like putting on booties over his shoes showed me that he (and therefore you) cares about the customers and have respect for our homes. It gave me a sense of comfort that the inspection would be thorough and if there was a problem, it would be found and reported.

For example, when I told him about how it seemed the temperature in the den was hotter in the summer and colder in the winter than the back of the house, he immediately said, without my asking, that he would go under the house and check it out. As part of the verbal report he told me that the two vents feeding the den should be changed to 8" vents from the current vents to provide more airflow and called for a price quote. Everything else was fine, except a little rust was forming on the heat exchanger that was normal for our system's age and that the additional return 2nd Wind put in last year was helping with condensation and therefore minimizing any rust. This is the type of concise and specific report that I really appreciate. Again Thank You!
  George Park - 09.30.08
We just had our Gas Pack replaced by 2nd Wind and are completely satisfied. From the first day, when Neal surveyed our needs and provided estimates that gave us some choices through today's QI check by Neal to ensure everything had been done properly, this job was done in a first-class fashion.

The crew that replaced our old ductwork and installed the new unit was professional in every respect and were a pleasure to have working at our house. They worked efficiently and were thoughtful. They cleaned up after themselves and made sure the job was not only done well, but that the finished product was attractive.

Neal went far beyond any of the other companies that submitted estimates in determining the best solution for our specific situation. I overheard him giving instructions to the crew working on the job to be sure "it is done right", "do it first class" and "make it look nice". The crew then told us later that they know he will check up on them and if things are right "he'll make us tear it out and do it again."

Thank you Neal and crew for an excellent job! Your degree of professionalism is hard to find these days and it gives me confidence to recommend 2nd Wind to others.
  Cary Friedman - 09.09.08
I had the distinct pleasure this morning of having Burt do a repair and routine service of my air conditioning system at my home.

Burt arrived on time, was very courteous and every step of the way gave me my options as to repairs and parts replacement.

Burt even took the time to explain how I could actually save money on the repair by by signing up for an annual service contract and his positive attitude helped me decide to purchase a brand new electronic thermostat which was not needed for the repair but will improve the functioning of the system.

Burt is an asset to your company and since he is my only link to 2nd Wind, keep him happy and don't let him leave. I want Burt for all my HVAC needs.

Thanks for great service and hiring a great employee.
  Megan Graham - 09.09.08
I just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know how awesome Nick was this morning with our AC. It was different to be on the receiving end of your services and he was fantastic. He explained everything thoroughly and left his direct line in case something happened before the repairs are made on Thursday.

It is rare to receive the type of customer service he gave. He was very polite and courteous to our environment, we had several people in our office interviewing this morning and he was patient and kind. Thank you so much for taking care of this so quickly for us, we look forward to Thursday and getting this all taken care of. Thanks again for your quick response.

Have a good day!
Megan Graham
Assistant Manager
AppleOne Employment Services
  Michelle Haskell - 08.15.08
I wanted just to say that Javed was very impressive. I was was amazed at his expertise and found him to be excellent in the areas of experience as well as customer service. Javed was the reason I decided to go with a maintenance agreement today. Thanks 2nd Wind!
  Diane Russell - 05.09.08
Javed was a perfect professional while servicing my air conditioner. He explained the problem to me and showed me what he had to do plus he checked out my filters to see if they needed changing. He was a true professional representative of your company.
  George Siokos - 03.20.08
I just wanted to say that Corey is a great asset to your company. He does an excellent job for 2nd Wind.
  Sylvia Price - 03.14.08
I wanted to tell everyone how wonderful Burt is! He did an excellent job and is a pleasure to have in our home. Thanks 2nd Wind!
  Pete Johnson - 03.14.08
I wanted to commend Rich on a job well done! He installed vibration eliminators on our lineset. I am very pleased that he resolved the noise issue. I am also pleased with Rich and 2nd Wind.
  Jeanette Hutchins - 03.03.08
I would like to tell you how professional and pleasant Trace is. He does a great job and really cares about his customers. It is a pleasure to have some one like him to make calls to check the heating and air conditioning!
  Steve Holly - 02.12.08
I thought Robert was great! He was knowledgeable and explained everything thouroughly. He was also very polite and courteous.
  Thomasina Seabrook - 01.31.08
I appreciate you sending Corey out to take care of my unit. He did a very good job for me. Thanks!
  Ronnie & Clarice Smith - 01.26.08
On January 23, 2008, we had a new unit installed. Chris came out prior and gave us estimates on several units that he recommended for the size of our home. Chris explained each unit, their perfomance and what we will save in the long run. I just want to say how professional Chris and his team were. During the installation, one of the team members arrived at 8:30 am and started pre-preparation before the new unit arrived, but what impressed me was when technician came into the house, he removed his shoes. Doing that showed me that he cared about my home and the quality of people that 2nd Wind employ. To Chris and his and his team members, the installation was extremely professional. The area around the unit looked like a landscaper was used. We are very pleased with the uint and quality of work that was done. THANK YOU CHRIS AND YOUR TEAM MEMBERS!!!
  Truman Freeman - 01.20.08
I would like to comment on the remarkable savings that I have received since the installation of my 2nd Wind heating and cooling system. The energy efficiency of this unit has saved me 30% on my heating and cooling expenses. The energy saving heat pump has been exceptional! I would also like to that Chris for suggesting that I install this unit in my home.
  Jeff Hutchinson - 01.17.08
My technician Chad did a great job and I was very pleased with my service!
  Tom Mancke - 12.24.07
The purchase of an air conditioning unit is a grand and scary event due to the things being so expensive! But I want you to know that the pleasantness and apparent high skill of the men who installed my unit helped calm me as I reflected on the cost. They were hardworking and continually on task, but were also conversational and polite. Thank you for your service and sincerity.
  Ken Kasper - 10.10.07
During the week of 100 degree weather our old upstairs air conditioning unit finally gave out. Vince was out the same day, explained our problem, and we decided to purchase a new unit due to the age of the existing one. Vince also explained the benefits of zoning our upstairs which would cure our problem of some rooms being to warm and some to cold. 2nd Wind also provided us with window units while we waited the couple of days for the new unit to arrive. Todd spent two 100 degree days installing our new unit with most of it spent in our attic. I was also quite pleased with how clean they left the work area when they were finished. Both Todd and Vince provided professional service and should be commended. The new unit has been in operation for some time now and I extremely pleased with it's operation and the operation of the zones. 2nd Wind has a customer for life with service like this. Thank You!
  Bob & June Rankin - 10.05.07
We had an electrical problem with our downstairs unit. It smelled like burnt wiring. Sebastian came out, was very professional, and did not complain about working in our basement which is a quite difficult location for access. His attitude and professionalism convinced us to start a maintenance agreement with 2nd Wind.
  Ira Murphy - 08.16.07
Javed was extremely professional, courteous and friendly. I was very pleased with the service that I had received.
  Lori Craig - 07.17.07
On Saturday, July 14th, we returned home to find that the temperature inside our home was warmer than what it was outside. Having had bad experiences with other HVAC companies, we looked in the Yellow pages and found the 2nd Wind ad. I was very impressed with all of the awards it had received and decided to give them a call. I am very glad I did. I was very surprised and relieved when a technician was sent out on a weekend at no extra charge. Rusty checked out our system and found what the problem was. Although he would have to wait until Monday to get the proper part, he was able to make it work so we had A/C while we waited. On Monday, Rusty returned and completed the repair. I feel very relieved to have signed on for the maintenence agreement. I will rest easier now and will recommend 2nd Air to all of my neighbors.
  Melissa Davis - 07.03.07
I just wanted to let you know that I purchased a maintenance agreement from 2nd Wind and had one of your techs come out to replace a fan on my motor. It was Chris and I have to tell you that I was very impressed with his professionalism, promptness and the way he explained everything (from how the equipment works and details on the maintenance agreement). Please share this with Mr. and Mrs. Lawler as I certainly hope this employee is recognized for doing a fine job and for being excellent representation of the company.
  Ouidsue Nash - 06.29.07
Vince was out late last night due to our air conditioning not working. He arrived at 11:15pm and was there until 12:15am this morning. I was extremely pleased with Vince and how he and 2nd Wind went the extra mile to get my system up and running. I just wanted to let you know how grateful and happy I am to have 2nd Wind and Vince serving my heating and air!
  Paul Perkins - 06.13.07
I am writing to commend your technician, Trace.

After receiving a $2450 estimate from another heating and air company for a "repair" to one of my three units, I called 2nd Wind. Imagine my delight when the work was finished, and I was presented with a bill for $610, the cost of a year's residential maintenance agreement.

I then showed Trace the earlier estimate, and for the first time in my life and in my house I heard a technician use the word "ethic."

Thank you, Trace and 2nd Wind.
  Deborah Murphy - 06.08.07
Dear 2nd Wind,
We had an emergency last night and your company promptly sent Chris T out today to fix it. I am writing to tell you how professional and friendly Chris was. It was a pleasure to have him in our home. We usually use Will, with whom we are very pleased. We have had nothing but a good experience with your company and would highly recommend you to anyone.
  H. F. Henderson - 06.08.07
When the condenser for the attic blower broke earlier this week, Corey was helpful in explaining the situation and quickly and efficiently installed a new condenser. This involved alot of time in a very hot attic, making an adaptation to the blower. He was a good person to deal with.

I later decided it was a good time to replace the heating and air on the first floor. I was equally pleased with Todd. When he arrived I knew I was in good hands. Over the years, I have always been impressed by the technicians at 2nd Wind!
  Ertha Gerald - 05.30.07
I was very happy with my service from Rich. He was so very professional even after my sprinklers unexpectedly turned on while he was out there. Thanks Rich!
  Ed Caughman - 05.24.07
I wanted to call in and compliment Rich. He was neat, professional and knew exactly what the heck he was doing.
  Sallie Shealy - 05.21.07
I was very pleased with the work from Eric and Dan on an excellent installation. Thanks 2nd Wind!
  Hank Schuessler - 05.18.07
I wanted to commend you on sending Buck out to do our maintenance service. Buck was very nice and did a great job!
  Helen Cunningham - 05.17.07
Leroy and Ron were absolutely wonderful! You could not ask for a better pair of gentlemen. I was thrilled with how pleasant they were. Ron took the time to sit down with me and explain the installation thouroughly. Thanks for the great job!
  John Goodfellow - 05.15.07
Just wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with Tracy. He was very professional, helpful, patient and answered all of my questions. Thanks!
  Barbara Robertson - 05.09.07
I have had a maintenance agreement since 1995 and wanted to thank your company for the many service visits over the years. Neal installed my unit in 1999 and it is still running great. Neal is a very nice and personable technician. He has always done me an excellent job. Thanks to your company and all that you do.
  Barbara Huether - 05.03.07
I would like to thank you and your staff for assisting me during my "energy crisis." My heat died during the last cold snap. I called in Saturday morning and your people were there within a few hours. In a few more hours, I had space heaters delivered. Vince, Leroy, and Daniel were most helpful. They were also very personable and polite. Their help was invaluable. I also appreciate your EDA discount! Your company has served me very well over the years.
  Dr. James Fields - 04.27.07
Thank you for the excellent service you have provided for my home and business. Your technicians are always courteous and extremely knowledgeable. I recommend 2nd Wind to anyone who wants the very best in heating and air!
  Lisa & Steve Spiegel - 04.20.07
We wanted to thank Leroy, Daniel and Tom for the outstanding service they did on our duct work installation today. The price was not only terrific, but the service was excellent, professional and they were a pleasure to work with. We will continue to use your company for a long, long time. And we will tell our friends! Thanks again!
  Lucinda Flowers - 04.07.07
I just wanted to thank you for a good job. Corey was very nice when he came to service my unit. Because of you, I have one less thing to worry about! I really do appreciate your people taking care of me.
  Fred Miller - 04.05.07
Just wanted to compliment Vince for finding and taking care of my problem. I am very pleased with 2nd Wind.
  Diane Turbeville - 03.26.07
Thanks for the excellent job on my new heating and air system! Your special kindness is much appreciated. Each professional you sent to my house did their job in an outstanding manner. In addition, Jeff Hall & Stephanie provided phone services and information in a courteous, prompt and informed manner. Lastly, Rich, Todd and their assistants are the best!
  Betty Britt - 12.28.06
Congratulations on being named The Best heating and air conditioning company in the 2007 issue of Columbia Metropolitan Magazine. You've earned it!
  Deirdre Young - 12.21.06
Please allow me to extend my thanks to Neal who recently made a service call to my home due to my heating system being broken. I was already stressed when he arrived at my home making the scheduling of repair or replacement a real nightmare. Neal assessed the problem, communicated promptly with my home warranty company and kept me advised as to the status of my claim.

Since the unit needed replacing, he arrived back at my home with portable heaters to insure that neither my son nor I went cold in the interim. He stayed with us until I had a confirmed service date and hand carried a credit application back to my home to expedite the financing. He patiently answered all questions (sometimes twice) and went out of his way to allay my anxiety.

People like Neal are rare and are always absolutely critical to the success of any business. Not only will I now refer all of my friends and business contacts to your firm, I would not ever consider using a different company in the future. Please let him know how grateful we are for his help and that we will never forget it.
  Evelyn Grimsley - 09.13.06
I was very pleased with 2nd Wind and thankful for having Neal out today. He was very courteous and that is very valuable to me.
  Leonard Alexander - 09.01.06
Once again I would like to commend Sebastian on an outstanding job and excellent customer service skills. He went above and beyond in getting us up and running again!
  Lynette Sightler - 07.13.06
Learn from our experience. Another company in Gaston put our unit in 7 1/2 years ago. We have had them out at least 4 times in that time to fix problems with the unit. In the last 2 months, they have come out twice. The first time, one day we smelled something burning, like the heater being turned on for the first time after months of being off and it was no longer cooling. They cleaned out the drain and put freon on it and charged us $125! It was hot again the very next day. I called them but they never came back. The second time, they told us it needed a new thermostat. My husband came home from a business trip in Ireland and said that is stupid and there is nothing wrong with the thermostat. It was working intermittently. Well now that it is hot, the times it works is few and far between and yesterday it didn't recover. It was soooooooo hot!! I really got HOT when our power bill came in and it was $370!!! We are hot all month and our power bill is $150 more than the previous month!

Well Tom called 2nd Wind Heating and Air to come out and take a look at it. They were to come here at 8am. They were here at 7:50am ready to work. As it turns out, the heater and the AC were running at the same time and the fan relay (which the previous company allegedly replaced last year) was not working and that's why the fan was running constantly. So to replace the components in the heater so that it doesn't run at the same time that the AC is running and to replace the fan relay, plus diagnostic charge, he quoted me $526. That's expensive but it is only $31 more than my electric bill and the previous company's bill and my AC still wasn't fixed! This way I get a cool house and an AC and heater that works. It is worth it. Well after he got in there he realized that only one of the components was bad on the heater so the bill was only $374!! Oh! by the way, he ended up having to let some of the freon out because it was overcharged! So the previous company charged me for putting freon in a unit that didn't need it. Fortunately, the 2nd Wind guy didn't charge me for letting out the extra.

So my suggestion to those who are in need of a heating and air company in the Midlands of South 2nd Wind
  Mac McIntyre - 07.12.06
I had a service call on July 10th and want to compliment your technician Chris T. He is pleasant and professional. In addition to my regular service, he went out of his way (and in to my crawl space) to check on an issue I had a question about and answer my questions. I appreciate the excellent service he provided.
  Sarah Kinard - 05.12.06
I wanted to let you know that Chris T and Bobby White were nice and very professional. From calling in to the office to having the techs in my home has been a great experience!
  Jessie Sykes - 04.18.06
I was very impressed with Will D. He did me an excellent job in resolving my problems! I was most impressed with his professionalism and great attitude.
  Truman Freeman - 04.15.06
On April 7, 2006 you sent two representatives of your company, Leroy W and Robert D, to perform installation of ductwork to my home. I found these two men to be very professional, knowledgeable, and most of all, exemplified the quality of customer service that you should be very proud to have on your staff. I realize that in this society we just don't take the time to pay a compliment and acknowledgement of thanks and recognize hardworking employees because they are the ones that sell the company's services. It was a pleasure to have them provide the excellent services and would recommend them and your company to anyone!
  Russ Rhodes - 03.23.06
Just wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with Rusty K, Aaron W, and Chris W. I absolutely love 2nd Wind!
  Eva Wolff - 03.23.06
Travis B was out last night and did a wonderful job. It was a pleasure to have him in my home. I even signed up for a maintenance contract.
  Horace & Kathy Baker - 03.14.06
Sebastian A did us a great job!
  Clarence Smalls - 02.22.06
Rusty K did an outstanding job! Thank you!
  William & Carolyn White - 02.14.06
We were very pleased with Michael P. He was very knowledgeable. Thanks!
  Charles Mistele - 02.10.06
On February 3, 2006 another company was called to our home to fix a valve on our hot water heater. The technician also looked at our heat pump to see why it was operating continuously. He then gave us an estimate of $1,600 to repair it or $2,800 to replace it. I called 2nd Wind and Neal C came out to Timberlake to help us out. It did not take him long to determine what the problem was and charged us $69 for the diagnosis and $190 for the part to repair the system totaling $259 to repair the system. That is a VERY LONG WAY from what the "other" company quoted us. I can't say enough about Neal C. You are very fortunate to have such a fine person out there in the public representing you. I trust him and appreciate his honesty. It is very refreshing to talk with such a fine person. Keep up the fine work in 2006!
  John Boie - 02.01.06
I was very pleased with 2nd Wind. They were very professional and sent a knowledgeable technician. I will recommend to others and would like to request Travis B for any future calls!
  Rochelle Roos - 12.16.05
I was very pleased with Drew. He was on time, very polite, accessed my problem, and referred me to the right people. Thanks!
  Sonny Dubose - 11.25.05
Mark is a wonderful technician. He did an excellent job for us!
  Sid & Carmen Varney - 11.24.05
Today is Thanksgiving Day. One of the many things we are thankful for is 2nd Wind Heating & Air Conditioning. On Sunday 11.20.05, we recieved great service from Sean. You should and we know you are proud of him and his repair abilities. Thanks again for the prompt service in getting our heat turned on. Happy Holidays!
  Ken Boland - 11.23.05
I was very pleased with Don and the service that he performed on our unit!
  Sara Tidwell - 11.19.05
Thank you for your service last night. Will D was courteous and very nice.
  Marty Chaney - 11.18.05
Your installers performed excellent work with our ductwork job. Our house has never been warmer! Thank you 2nd Wind.
  Susan Finley - 11.12.05
I use 2nd Wind at my business and home and am always pleased with the caliber of work and the gentlemen you have sent to service our units. Every technician that has come out has been very personable and knowledgeable. Thanks for doing such a great job!
  Sincerely Yours - 11.07.05
We were extremely pleased with the Class A ductwork installation by Todd, Patrick, and Daniel.
  George Bumgardner - 11.02.05
Rich came by and did a wonderful job. He really took care of us and I just wanted you to know what a great asset Rich is to your company. Thanks!
  Joseph Maxberry - 10.31.05
I want give special recognition to your service technician Tommy who drove Saturday night from near Sumter to my home in Elgin to service my gas unit.

I was in Charlotte when I placed the call to 2nd wind.
The customer service responded promptly and professionally. Within minutes, Tommy called me to get directions to my home where my wife was waiting.

I appreciate the service of 2nd Wind and will look into your residental maintenance agreement.
  Margaret Spires - 10.31.05
Drew was very nice and did an excellent job! 2nd Wind is now our HVAC company of choice.
  Charles Bush - 10.13.05
Mr. Bush called and stated that Neal did a wonderful job for him and resolved his problem in a very professional manner. He also stated that Neal was very personable and rendered excellent customer service. He also was very impressed with 2nd Wind and our ability to respond and resolve his problem in such a timely manner.
  Charmaine Butcher - 10.04.05
As always, a most pleasant experience with 2nd Wind during our fall renewal contract check-up.

I especially would like to give a big Kudo to Donald A. He was extremely pleasant, professional, and courteous. He was also well equipped with the proper tools, remembered to bring along our "Air Bear" filter, and was most knowledgeable in his work.

Thanks to Donald A and thanks to 2nd Wind for your prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable service; rare qualities in this day!
  Michael Carroll - 08.23.05
Stan was an incredible worker that displayed the utmost professionalism and working knowledge in his job. Just wanted to let you know how fortunate you are to have Stan as a technician. Thanks!
  Betty Gardner - 08.22.05
Over the past weekend our AC went out and since we had house guests, it was especially appreciated that your service technician arrived promptly and restored our service quickly. We have had a service contract with 2nd Wind for over 3 years and during that time, each and every technician has responded promptly and courteously, repaired the problem expertly, and explained the situation well. There is no comparison between your company and the others we've had in the past. Everything has been outstanding, and do not hesitate to recommend your services completely. Many thanks for the excellent, professional services you provide. We'll never switch again!
  Toni Eargle - 08.09.05
Hello 2nd Wind, I just wanted to let you know what an awesome job Rusty Kelley did to get our AC working again. Our AC broke on 07.29.05 and we just got it fixed as of about 10:30 p.m. last night (12 days later). We had a home warranty and as you know everything has to be approved through them and parts shipped from them and so forth, so that is always a big hold up and what made this repair take so long. But once all the parts were here and installed, Rusty went the extra mile to make sure our AC was up and running before he left.

Our house was very hot on the 5th when Travis bought the unit out and when I asked him would the unit cool the whole house he said no, but a larger unit would have; but a larger unit was not sent to us. Once Travis learned that I was a high risk pregnancy in my 3rd month, he went the extra mile to get us another unit delivered on Saturday the 6th so our home would be cool and relieve a large amount of stress from us. These two technicians went above and beyond what was expected of them and you have two wonderful employees in both of these technicians. They were a pleasure to work with.

Jeff, in the office, also was patient and took many of our phone calls. We thank you again for getting our AC up and running.
  James Taylor - 07.29.05
Patrick, Daniel and Bobby did an outstanding job of installing my new heat pump. Thanks 2nd Wind!
  Robert Mandujano - 07.22.05
Travis T was very professional and I appreciated it very much!
  George Threatt - 07.22.05
I was very pleased with the work performed and the technicians when they came out to fix my unit. They were very professional even with extreme heat in the attic. Thank you 2nd Wind!
  Jay Wingard - 07.05.05
I just wanted to write you to let you know that I experienced your company first hand over the weekend. Our air went out on Saturday and of course I called 2nd Wind. I've dealt with a lot of service companies and I must say that I was impressed with 2nd Wind from every aspect. The call was answered by someone who immediately was able to schedule someone to come out (needless to say I also didn't get an answering machine), the office then called to follow up and let me know they were on the way. The technician who came out was very friendly and explained everything completely. It's rare nowadays to get quality service from companies but I must say I was impressed.

  Phillip Woodell - 06.04.05
I really appreciate the job that Chris did for us and your company. I will be recommending your company!
  Don & Tammy Cockman - 05.12.05
Just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the service of Shawn C and Mark B. They worked until 10:30 pm at our home last night to make sure our air was working properly. What a joy to have such great Customer Service. This is a rare occurrence these days. We are new to Camden, SC and a neighbor recommended 2nd Wind. Finally, a company you can count on. They patiently answered our many questions and finished the job well.
  Dallas Craft - 04.18.05
On March 25, 2005, Travis B and Todd W installed a new heat pump at my home. I want to compliment them on their professional service and appreciate their answers to my questions and concerns. I apologize for taking so long to send this, but, I had to be away shortly after the installation and this is the first opportunity I have had to get in touch. I sincerely appreciate these two individuals and their quality work. Thank you.
  Sandra Kandel - 03.25.05
I love using 2nd Wind because you are always on time and you are sure to call before you come. Your technicians are also very nice and cheerful.
  James & Marjorie Copeland - 03.05.05
Having been an annual maintenance customer for several years, I am compelled to write you. Customer service has been excellent for the years I've experienced. I was sold a Goodman unit in 1995 from a company that is no longer in business. Granted, I know now just what a terrible unit it was. For years Chris came and coaxed the unit back into life. He was like a part of the family. Without a doubt, one of the finest men and professional tradesmen I have had the honor to know.

A few weeks ago, the unit died again. Dustin came and looked the unit over, frowned and gave us the bad news. A replacement was the best bet. With two children in college, this was not a happy pill to swallow. However, Dustin was very understanding, a good salesman. He listened, explained and most of all understood my concerns. A few days later, Patrick and Tim came and installed a new Tempstar unit. These men had to remove the old unit, replace the line, take out and install new ductwork, and set the unit in a completely different place and build a new crawl space door. These men did nothing short of an excellent job!

After Dustin, Patrick and Tim put the final touches on the unit, it was fired up and what a wonderful experience...heat! Clean, wonderful, no dust heat. Later that evening, Dustin had to come back because the unit failed to work. He fixed it, but had to come again on Saturday because it failed again. Parts were replaced. On Sunday Jamie had to come and advised another part needed replacing. Mr. Russell is another man you guys should be proud of!

Monday came and Mr. Russell and another person came and replaced more parts. The unit has work well since. I do believe there could have been some factory defects in the assembly of this unit.

The perseverance and fortitude of all these men have shown, as well as creativeness in dealing with a grouchy customer has been most impressive. You should be very proud of them. They are the reason I will recommend 2nd Wind to anyone I know and why I could be a 2nd Wind customer for life. Thank you guys and thank you 2nd Wind.
  Harry Varney - 03.04.05
Today John Fling, Jr. serviced our heating and air conditioning unit as he has done for years. Thanks for having Mr. Fling take care of our unit as he is a knowledgable man as to his work and he presents himself as a gentleman who represents 2nd Wind with class.

  Gary Hardee - 01.26.05
I wanted to drop you a line in regards to the heating/cooling unit your company installed for me on December 28, 2004. I am very pleased with the service provided and salesmanship of your employees Sebastian A and Patrick Henson. Both employees did a great job and deserve a pat on the back!
  Cynthia Morgan - 01.21.05
Just wanted to let you know what a great job I think that you and your crew are doing. With the difficulties I have had the last couple of months, your service has been excellent. Keep up the great work!
  Frances Oxley - 01.20.05
Thank you for your excellent service and for your caring!
  Gary Hardee - 01.07.05
I was very pleased with the work that Patrick H and his crew did on our installation! Thank you.
  Allyson Hearn - 12.27.04
To whom it may concern, I am writing to compliment your team (Chris T & Carl F) that was sent to our home to service one of our heating units. They could not have been more polite or professional. Chris took time explaining to me, and again to my husband over the phone exactly what he did and steps we should take to maximize our unit's efficiency. You should feel very fortunate to have such quality individuals working with your company. Thanks again!
  Mark Orf - 12.03.04
Sebastian was wonderful and 2nd Wind deserves a pat on the back! Everyone that has been to our home is great.
  Donna Jordan - 11.19.04
I was greatly impressed with Dustin! He was professional, polite, and left my 9 year old unit looking brand new. I would refer anyone to 2nd Wind!
  Naomi McClean - 11.05.04
I was very impressed with Bryan and wanted to thank him for a job well done.
  Mrs. Eloise Seegars - 10.09.04
This letter serves to commend your service technician Tracy M. I have never met a service representative who is as knowledgeable, skillful, and honest as Tracy. He took the time to explain to me what he was doing, perfectly diagnosed what the problems were, and was most courteous and professional. I am retired from the health care field and have supervised many employees. As such, I know the value of someone like Tracy. My hope is that you and your company appreciate him as much as his customers do. He is simply outstanding.
  Elaine Parker - 09.30.04
Russell A was a very nice young man and did an excellent job. Please send him back when needed. Thanks!
  Mike Haygood - 09.22.04
I am very pleased with the job that Leroy, Brian, and Shawn just completed at my home. I had taken several estimates but decided to go with 2nd Wind and am pleased with my decision to do so. Everyone worked very hard and showed me exactly what they were doing. I am normally a hard person to satisfy, however I am very satisfied with the job that 2nd Wind performed for me. Any additional work that I may need, or my friends may need, I will be sure to call 2nd Wind.
  Jack Payne - 08.23.04
I wish to thank all involved with resolution of my air conditioning problems. We recently got the new power bill and things are back as they should be. My special thanks go to Mickey at 2nd Wind for helping me with this problem. I also would like to compliment his service technician Dan Hernandez for doing a first rate job at installing the new unit. Very neat and clean routing of all cables, etc.

Thanks to all involved.
  Aldrena Hicks - 06.25.04
Thank you so much for your professionalism and most importantly your wonderful customer relations/manners. From scheduling appointments, to the initial service call, to the final installation of my new unit. I've never had such great service from all points of a business before. Special kudos to the nice young men who handled the service of my new and used units. I should hope that I don't need another service call again, but if I do, 2nd Wind will be the foremost on my mind. I will be sure to let everyone know how great you all are. Thanks again, for cooling me off!
  Andrew Bennington - 06.21.04
I wanted to take a moment to comment on the hard work and dedication of one of your service teams. My wife and I recently had to replace our HVAC duct system and chose 2nd Wind based on positive reviews in publications and personal recommendations. Rusty, Travis and Patrick helped sustain this reputation through their professionalism and attention to detail while working on our duct system. Despite a significant thunderstorm, these gentlemen ensured that their work was of the highest quality. My wife and I were most impressed by your crew's reaction to a few aberrations discovered during the quality control inspection. After a long day, requiring extra hours, some workers would have glossed over these problems, but your technicians corrected them without a second thought. Thank you again for providing quality service to your customers.
  J.L. Mann Cromer, Jr. - 06.16.04
First and foremost, I wanted to thank you for the excellent job you did at my home. When you tell people that you can improve their health, I would be glad to be one of your witnesses to attest to the fact that it is not just a sales pitch. Knock on wood, I have had the absolute biggest turnaround in my life regarding my chronic sinusitis. I was hoping that I would see some improvement, but it has really been remarkable how much easier I breathe, how much less I cough, and how much better I feel after you installed the new system, ductwork, and air purification system.
  Robert Johnson - 06.08.04
2nd Wind,

I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for the treatment I received today. I had a failure in one of my units, and I received an appointment right away when I called this morning. The VIP system surely worked well for me. I was called so that the technician, Jon Jeffcoat, could show up early. He fixed the problem, and was a very good representative of your organization.
  Paul Clark - 05.03.04
Just a note to advise you that Chris Thomas did a first class job at our house. I am sure that you like to sometimes hear the positives in lieu of the negatives. Being in the insurance business, I like to hear positive feedback!
  Carl & Tina Todd - 04.07.04
Carl Todd of Columbia called in to say that, "Dan Hernandez was very professional and has wonderful communication skills." Mr. Todd also commented that, "the installation team (Todd Wrona and Bryan Yelton) was also wonderful."
  Drake Glasser - 02.16.04
Just wanted to let you know how wonderful Brian was. I am very impressed with your punctuality and service. Thanks!
  Doug & Terry Wise - 02.13.04
Doug Wise of Northeast Columbia phoned in and stated that, "They were very pleased with the service that Darrin Williams performed at their residence." They also stated that, "He was very competent and had a great customer service attitude."
  Betty Smith - 12.18.03
Betty Smith of West Columbia called in to praise the great job the installation team did for her. She said that both Chad and Travis were very professional and courteous. She absolutely loves the new Coleman unit the team installed for her. This was her first experience with 2nd Wind and she will continue to use 2nd Wind in the future.
  Cherie Minette - 11.16.03
The service I have received from your company over the past 10 years has been excellent. Often, dealings with businesses can be a frustrating drugery. Aside from impeccable service, your employees are honest, kind, and prompt with appointments and return phone calls. I regret to have to leave such a wonderful company, but my move makes it inevitable. I will be sure to recommend 2nd Wind to the new owner of my home.
  Charles Steppe - 11.15.03
Hi folks,

Just a note to say thank you for taking care of our new pastor, Rev. Dr. Mills Peebles and his wife, Clarita.

Upon my discovery that they had been without heat during the night/morning of November 14, 2003, I drove to their home from Longtown to check the thermostat and it's settings myself. I could not help them at all! I suggested that they go ahead and call 2nd Wind as your sticker was on the thermostat. I assured them that your company was a reputable outfit. I had you folks out to my own home last spring to repair my four year old heat pump/AC system so I could speak from experience.

I called your telephone number and spoke with "Valerie." She told me that a service call had been scheduled between 4:00PM and 7:00PM of that day. I then called Rev. Peebles to be sure to call me if, for some reason, your serviceman was delayed.

What a relief when Mills called me around 8:00PM to say that your serviceman had found a wiring problem in the attic of their four year old home and that the heat was now on!

I exclaimed, "Hallelujah!" and Mills said "Praise God!". Well, I believe a little praise should go to 2nd Wind for your excellent service, for the serviceman and for a company that stands behind that little sticker on the thermostat.

Thank you is seldom said enough these days and that is the purpose of this email, to say Thank You!

Excellent job, people. Pat yourselves on the back! Keep up the great work.

On behalf of the Session of The Chapel at Lake Wateree.

Grace and Peace.
  Helen Seals - 09.06.03
Thank you for excellent service. It is a very good feeling to know that you can trust a place of business. Your service is excellent and your employees are very professional and courteous. Thank you again for your hard work.
  Gwen Brown - 08.09.03
Dear 2nd Wind,

Your employees deserve recognition for a job well done. Alan Jordan quickly diagnosed the problem and knowledgeably discussed the pros and cons of repair vs new system, the option of keeping vs replacing existing ductwork, and answered my questions about the type of system and also your company. He gave me estimates for 2 different systems, with & without replacing the ductwork. Because he provided such thorough information, I had no further questions/concerns which made the decision-making process much easier.

Leroy and Travis are an awesomely skilled, hardworking, and an efficient team. They are pleasant and professional. I greatly appreciate their caution in negotiating with one particular tree, and my front lawn, as well as the exceptional clean up.

My new system is wonderful!
  April Aaron - 06.16.03
Today I had routine maintenance done on my HVAC systems. The
technician who came to my home was extremely professional and
knowledgeable about my system. James made some minor changes
that I anticipate will improve the overall performance of the

It's tough to impress me, but I was! I'm sure that you already
know what a valuable employee James is. I definity will continue
doing business with a company with service employees as capable
as James.
  Deb Andolino - 05.30.03
I just had a Coleman unit installed and am VERY pleased with the customer
service I received. Stephanie was great to give me information and be
supportive when I had some problems getting my financing worked out. And
the installation by Stan and his crew was marvelous. Stan worked extremely
hard to make certain my unit was installed properly -- and looked good. He
even managed to position it so that a large bush that I liked did not have
to be removed. I am certain he spent more time than he had to on the
installation -- just to make certain that it was correct. I value service
like that.

He also spent a lot of time up front to make certain I understood the
options I had for heating and air conditioning. He also went out of his way
to get my unit installed quickly because my old air conditioner had
completely quit. I even wonder if he and the rest of you folks made certain
that the days I was without air conditioning were cool and humidity free --
which is not easy here in South Carolina.

I will be spreading the word about 2nd Wind and their marvelous people to
all my friends. Thank you so much!
  Dr. William W. Pryor, Jr. MD - 05.14.03
Thanks for your help today; It is Sunday and I appreciate your promptness and efficiency at repairing my air conditioning, it rescued me on Mother's Day!

William W. Pryor, Jr. MD
  Joni Erbskorn - 01.21.03
Mrs. Erbskorn called in to say that, "Dan Hernandez came out in a very timely manner, was very professional and efficient and that everyone has always done a great job. We thank you guys very much!"
  H. Kelley Jones - 01.14.03
I just signed on to your continuing maintenance program, and my first maintenance visit was earlier this month. Your technician, Neal Causey, was extremely professional, courteous and importantly knowledgable. In addition to performing routine maintenance, he patiently and expertly answered all of my questions, pointed out and corrected a few relatively minor problems, and, when I called back a few days later to ask a follow-up question, he promptly returned the call and provided the answer. It was reassuring to know that my furnace and air conditioner are in good working order. I was particularly pleased to learn that, apparently, he will be the technician who will conduct future maintenance visits under the program and look forward to his next one in July. Oh, incidentally, I was referred to 2nd Wind by a friend, another of your satisfied customers. It appears from the paperwork left with me that she may receive a referral credit in the future.
  Elaine Parker - 01.07.03
Mrs. Parker called in and stated how pleased she was with the recent service that was rendered at her residence. She stated that she was awakened to a cold house on Sunday morning. She called 2nd Wind and spoke with Greg Worley about her problem. She stated that Greg was, "very courteous and professional and assured her that we would have a technician to her right away." Heath Yandle was our technician that was on call and went to her house. He immediately located the problem and restored the heat on a temporary basis until we could obtain the required part. Greg immediately put the part on order. Upon receiving the part, Heath was dispatched back to the customers house to make the final repair. After the completion of the repair Elaine called and complimented Greg and Heath on being professionals and for doing a wonderful job. She stated the she was, "completely satisfied and wanted to assign Heath as the primary techician on her account."
  Tom & Elaine Lange - 11.23.02
We appreciate your excellent and reliable service since your installation of our replacement heating and cooling system more than twelve years ago. We wanted to congratulate you on your outstanding service personnel. The installation crew really hustled and knocked-out a very difficult installation because of low clearances under our house. Jamie was also very helpful throughout. Again, thank you for the pleasure of doing business through the years with a reliable and honorable organization. Sincerely, Tom and Elaine Lange
  Lois Alford - 10.26.02
I am writing to you for the prompt and efficient service that your firm gave me this week. As you recall, I am experiencing problems with moisture under my home. Your man, Stan Meyer, performed his work in a most diligent and professional manner. I will go so far as to say that his effort was above and beyond what I had expected.

Thank you again. Your effort is very much appreciated.

Lois Alford
  Bobby Grubbs - 09.25.02
I am writing this letter to express my pleasure with one of your heating and air technicians, James Gipson. We purchased a new system from 2nd Wind around the first of the year. The unit worked well in both the summer heat and winter cool. I also noticed that the efficiency of the unit lowered our electric bill over thirty dollars a month. About a month or so ago, my wife noticed a thumping sound, especially at night. When this happened, the unit appeared to blow in an infrequent manor; on for serveral seconds, off for several seconds. Consequently, the house would warm. Mr. Gipson came for a check up, as the unit is under warranty. He spent a few hours running a variety of tests, to no avail. When he was packing up to leave, the system started to act up. Mr. Gipson listened for a second or two and stated that he knew what the problem was. He crawled under the house again and came back a few moments later with the correct diagnosis. Not only did he fix the problem the next day, he did so on his day off. His commitment to solving our problem went far beyond expected. Mr. Gipson also answered questions and concerns that my wife and I had about our system. It is this time taken with the customer that is greatly appreciated. As a businessman and pharmacist, I go out of my way to also give this time to my customers. In the four years at my store, business has grown over 500 percent. I would expect to see your business do the same as long as Mr. Gipson is in your employment.

Bobby Grubbs
  Ken Williamson - 09.06.02
Mr. Ken Williamson of St. Andrews called in to compliment the installation team of Heath Yandle, Travis Nance, and Chace Mathias on the outstanding job that they performed at his residence. He stated that each morning when the team arrived, they wasted no time and got right to work. He also could not believe how they cleaned up each afternoon after their work was complete. He stated that he didn't believe that workmen in America still did things such as that. He was very pleased with everyone's conduct. Mr. Williamson went on to state what a fine young man Heath Yandle was and how pleased he was with Heath's explanation of the product and installation. He was amazed at Heath's ablility to not only work on the job but to also control the installation crew and many different facets of the job. He went on to state that Heath and the crew were the very best people that he had ever had employed to do work at his residence.
  MC & Mary McCaulley - 08.24.02
I appreciate Brian McGee's suggestions on putting new ductwork in my home. I knew it wasn't working well, but didn't know why, and I can definitely tell the difference. I also appreciate the work done by Rusty Kelley and his crew. They all worked very hard. Rusty helped me solve several problems. I've had men under the house, some most recently, and none told me my dryer wasn't seated to the outside as it should be or that my plumbing was leaking or even that there were squirrel nests on my fireplace box and AC vents! The squirrels have been a real problem mainly because I wasn't sure where they were! They're gone now. I appeciate Rusty for the attention to detail and concern for me - a customer!
  Brack & Elise Wilson - 08.17.02
On August 17, 2002, my air conditioning stopped working following and electrical storm. I immediately called 2nd Wind. Within five to ten minutes Michael Reynolds returned my call. What a nice surprise to get weekend service! In about 30 minutes he came to check the unit and he, my husband and I were all pleased that it was only a minor problem. Mike was so prompt and obviously knew the problem immediately. Just want to thank him and 2nd Wind for your prompt and good service. We greatly appreciate it.
  T. G. Bouknight - 08.05.02
Mr. T. G. Bouknight of Irmo called in on to compliment Heath Yandle on the excellent work he ha performed at his residence. On the evening of August 3rd Heath found a mechanically locked compressor. He tried everything possible to get Mr. Bouknight a new compressor due to his medical condition. We immediately contacted the Carrier parts distributor and luckily had the compressor we were looking for. After several hours of work, Heath had the unit up and operational. Needless to say Mr. Bouknight was delighted. Mr. Bouknight also went on to say that "he is now a maintenance agreement customer, a medical alert account as well, and extremely happy that he could not reach the other company that he had previous been doing business with." He also stated that "Heath was a special person and that he is perfectly satisfied and looks forward to being a long time 2nd Wind customer."
  Louise Cameron - 07.12.02
Louise Cameron of Northeast Columbia thanked Heath Yandle and Bernard Pickett for clearing out her drain pan and getting her air conditioning up and running. "It makes me feel safe and secure to know I have someone dependable."
  John & Melody Bouknight - 06.28.02
John & Melody Bouknight wanted to thank 2nd Wind for our "TLC and the outstanding job [our] service crew did installing the new Trane heat pump. Rusty Kelley is an outstanding professional, as is Stan and Alan. Rusty was meticulous and we appreciate that kind of service. Robert Branon was also excellent and insured that everything was perfect! 2nd Wind is certainly an impressive organization! Thanks again, to you and the crew that installed the unit!"
  Major Walter & Margaret Gutman - 06.21.02
Major Walter & Margaret Gutman of Northeast Columbia recently had 2nd Wind replace their old system and ductwork. 2nd Wind removed their old split system and installed a brand new 12 SEER Tempstar gas pac and all new mastic sealed Class A ductwork. The Major was not only impressed with John Fling Jr. but also with Todd Wrona and his installation team. Quality people, superior equipment, and premium materials has once again produced the desired results of another highly satisfied customer!
  Julie Wilson - 04.25.02
Ms. Julie Wilson of Forest Acres complimented James Gipson on his selling points and was excited about buying her system. "He explained the problem with my air conditioning so that I could understand and took the time to listen to my concerns. It's refreshing to know that there are companies like yours that care about true quality customer service. Mr. Gipson and his assistant Chris Thomas worked very hard and late hours to install my unit. The two of them made the transaction very pleasant and I enjoyed having them do my work."
  Asbury Shorter - 03.31.02
Mr. Asbury Shorter of Forest Acres was having some problems with his heating and air conditioning unit. “Not knowing who to call, because of some past bad experiences in this field, I decided to go by your place of business for advice and help.” Within an hour, “Mr. Gene Price came and did a thorough check and explained everything in detail to me where upon we agreed on a complete new unit, including all new ductwork. Mr. Rusty Kelly and Todd Wrona came and started the project” and “were courteous, competent, very hard working and finished the job. In conclusion, I want you to know that my wife and I are very impressed and pleased with your company. We also have very pleasant memories of each of your employees we came in contact with. They are first class. We look forward to recommending your company to others and in fact have already done so.”
  Katherine Keckeisen - 02.25.02
Mrs. Katherine Keckeisen of St. Andrews felt that the technician we sent to her "was a blessing. He proficiently put in our new unit and has serviced both...since then. Toby is not only proficient at his job but he seems to really care about his customers. Through word of mouth and the media, the heating and air conditioning companies have not received a lot of confidence and trust from customers. You have changed that."
  Dena Richardson - 02.02.02
Ms. Dena Richardson of Blythewood wanted to commend our service staff for a job well done. "I can't praise them enough. They were so courteous, polite, helpful and considerate. Your company is 1st place in customer service and I know that if anything goes wrong, you will be here to fix the problem. Again, thanks for being so nice."
  Judy Tighe - 01.31.02
Ms. Judy Tighe of Forest Acres said she was "very pleased with every aspect of this installation. Chris was very knowledgeable and his explanations were very helpful. While conventional wisdom says, get three estimates, experience with your company and confidence in Chris led me to forgo the comparative process and go with 2nd Wind." The installers were "neat and efficient. Rusty and Alan were considerate, hard working and left my home neat each day. Thank you for the excellent service your company offers."
  Myle Ward - 01.09.02
Mr. Myle Ward of Columbia "commented on the clever advertising" of one of our service vehicles and the "friendly attitude" of our technician and staff. "The prompt and courteous service is great to see. I have signed up for your yearly service and wanted to thank you for taking the effort to hire people of this nature. I will recommend your organization at every opportunity."
  Barbara Young - 01.08.02
Mrs. Barbara Young of Northeast Columbia just couldn't say enough good things about the dynamic service duo of Mike Reynolds and Chris Oelze. She was very pleased with how hard they worked to repair her old furnace and restore heat to her residence. She commented that "2nd Wind truly is the best in the Heating & Air Conditioning service business as voted by the readers of The State Newspaper!"
  Tucker Jackson - 12.05.01
Mr. Tucker Jackson of Forest Acres complimented Gene Price on being "cheerful, courteous, and extremely competent. He did a great job and he's a credit to your organization." He also commented "when the occasion arises, I will have several nice things to say about 2nd Wind."
  Charlie Jenkins - 10.04.01
Mr. Charlie Jenkins of Columbia states that "in a present day business atmosphere known for poor workmanship and customer service, 2nd Wind is a remarkable exception. It really says a great deal about your leadership and staff. Both are obviously top quality."
  Mr. & Mrs. John W. King, Jr. - 06.28.01
Mr. and Mrs. John W. King, Jr. of Lexington commented on an administrator saying that he "understood the situation and was the most helpful person my husband and I have ever dealt with. He put his customer (us) first and made sure all of the problems were taken care of in a most timely manner. We appreciate everything your people have done for us."
  Harry M. Lightsey, III - 06.18.01
Mr. Harry M. Lightsey, III of Columbia "appreciated the excellent customer service." Also commenting, he stated "Chris stayed until almost midnight that night getting a replacement in and installing it. This is the type of above and beyond customer service that we single out and record at BellSouth."

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